Boltless Shelving


Boltless Industrial Shelving

Our new series of boltless shelving is constructed using all industrial strength materials. It features an advanced boltless design which provides easy assembly without the use of hardware. Double Rivet Beams at the top and bottom of the unit forms a rigid structure.

Due to recent tariff increases on steel imports, there will be a 8-10% surcharge added to our prices. Please contact us for accurate pricing.

300 Series - Extra Heavy Duty

This series offers the maximum shelf capacities, and features ¾" particle board or laminated board decking. Choose Bulk for storing larger items.

100 Series - Standard Duty

This series uses our Double Rivet Z-Beams which allows the decking to sit below the lip of the beam for a more attractive look. It offers medium duty shelf capacities, and features ½" particle board or laminated board decking, or wire mesh decks.

Records archive storage using boltless shelving
Records archive storage using boltless shelving.

Records Storage with Boltless Shelving

With single and double entry units available, boltless shelving is a good solution for records storage archive boxes. Various sizes are available, lead time is between 3-5 business days.

When using heavy duty angle posts, records archive storage may be expanded into a multi level catwalk system. Consult our sales department for additional assistance.

Boltless Shelving Installation
Installation crew has the experience to install properly for large shelving projects.

Boltless Shelving Installation

Our boltless shelving installation crew can help install boltless shelving, bulk storage systems, record storage shelving, widespan, narrow profile and long span industrial shelving.

Records Storage with Rapid Rack Boltless Shelving
Heavy Duty Angle Post (APH) are used for maximum weight capacity.

Rapid Rack Boltless Shelving

We sell Rapid Rack for many years helping customers with regular storage system and catwalk applications. Our yard in Ramona, CA have thousands of used industrial Rapid Rack boltless shelving in different sizes.

Bin Shelving Storage Units
Heavy Duty Angle Post (APH) are used for maximum weight capacity.

Bin Shelving Storage Units

These units are acost effective way to store small, medium and large parts. Bin shelving storage units comes complete with bins and particle board decking.

RiveTier Boltless Shelving

RiveTier Boltless Shelving

RiveTier shelving brand is the premier long span boltless storage system designed to easily store bulk items.

RiveTier boltless shelving can have uninterrupted spans of 8' without the need for back or side sway braces. RiveTier industrial warehouse shelving combines diverse storage capabilities with cost effective pricing.

Used order picking modules for catwalk applications
Used order picking modules for catwalk applications.

Widespan Boltless Shelving

Widespan shelving is another name for boltless shelving, and is usually used to describe shelving that is wider than 48".

In certain applications, narrow profile shelving can increase storage space by eliminating wasted space of larger beams.

Z-beams and low profile beams are used for narrow profile shelving. Long span shelving is used for storing bulky items such as equipment and large boxes. Long span shelving can be designed with strong, high capacity components to provide maximum functionality.

Used catwalk shelving systems
Catwalk shelving systems.

Catwalk Boltless Shelving Systems

Standard shelving components can be used to create a catwalk shelving storage system. We have thousands of parts in our current inventory to help design a used catwalk shelving storage system for your material handling needs.

Used Industrial Shelving
Used Boltless Shelving.

Used Boltless Shelving

We currently have over 100,000 used boltless shelving components located at our storage yard in Ramona, California. Located in San Diego, we can have used shelving orders ready in as little as 24 hours.

Our company delivery truck services North to Los Angeles, East to Palm Springs, and South East to El Centro.