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Catwalk Decking

Catwalk aisle decking is usually best designed using heavy duty steel bar grating. Bar grating allows for some of the building's existing lighting to reach below the catwalk level.

In addition, bar grating does not prevent the existing fire suppression system to reach the storage below the catwalk levels.

In many cases, solid decking will be required. We can design catwalk aisle decking using other materials such as b-decking, solid decking, steel decking, and even light weight concrete.

Bar Grating for Catwalk Decking

Bar grating for catwalk aisle decking
Bar grating for catwalk aisle decking.

Steel bar grating can be defined as a series of metal bars positioned vertically, placed an equal distance apart and joined by cross members to form a rectangular pattern.

Solid Decking for Catwalk Systems

Solid Decking for Catwalk Systems
Solid decking used in warehouse catwalk storage applications.

Solid decking is an option for catwalk aisles. Solid deck usually consists of plywood on top of B-Deck.

Decking Combination for Catwalk Systems

Steel bar grating and solid decking with pallet rack catwalk systems
Steel bar grating and solid decking with pallet rack catwalk systems.

Sometimes a combination of bar grating and solid decking can be used together to meet storage requirements.

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