Warehouse Pallet Racking


Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is the most popular type of warehouse storage racks. We have a huge inventory of used pallet racking parts including frames, beams and wire-decks in perfect structural condition and in various sizes.

Other styles of pallet rack are also available depending on the density needed in your warehouse. We help companies relocate, expand and improve their storage capabilities using our 17 years of customer service in California.

Pallet Racking

Used pallet racking in Southern California with structural engineering and many other services.
Used pallet Racking San Diego

Our engineering department can design a storage system for almost any application in the material handling industry. C&SS has been a pallet rack dealer with over 1 years of experience.

We are new pallet rack dealer for Hannibal, Mecalux, Jaken, Sammons, Interlake, to name a few. We also stock many other brands of new and used pallet racking.

Pallet Racking Installation

New and used Mecalux pallet racking including space planning, system installation, design/build,  and warehouse permits.
New and used Mecalux pallet racking including space planning, system installation, design/build, and warehouse permits.

Following are some type of pallet racking systems:

Installation Services for Pallet Rack Systems
Pallet Racking Services

Pallet Racking Services

We offer many pallet racking sevices to keep your storage needs up to date including:

Pallet racking installation from an experienced and insured material handling crew. We have the proper tools to get the job done on time, safely, and to the standards of the RMI, OSHA, and local building codes.

Pallet Rack Relocation
Pallet Rack Relocation.

Pallet Rack Relocation

Moving Pale Rack from one warehouse to another warehouse includes planning out the new warehouse's racking layout to maximize the storage area. We will evaluate if any of your existing pallet racking materials can be used in the new warehouse.

Since we are in the new & used material handling business, we can give you credit for any items that do not work in the new storage design. Our relocation service includes teardown, packaging, shipping, and re-installing the existing/new system at your new warehouse location.

Building Permit Submittal Services
Warehouse Building Permits.

Warehouse Building Permit

Pallet racking building permit service is offered to help with the permitting process at the building department.

We can provide the structural calcs, high pile storage application, and assist through the entire permit process.