Records Storage with Warehouse Racks, California

Records Storage Rack, California


Records Storage Rack

C&SS has been an innovative force in designing high density records box storage & retrieval systems for the information management industry. This section shows different parts of a high density records box storage system.

Archive storage systems built with high capacity storage racks can obtain much more dense storage than boltless widespan shelving (used in medium density records storage and also in open shelf file storage systems).

Records Storage using Warehouse Racks

Pre-Owned Record Storage Rack
Pallet rack is used here to create a system that stores records storage boxes 8-wide, 2-high, and 2-deep.

Hand-stacked records storage systems are accessed from the floor or a rolling ladder. The labor to store and retrieve boxes can be done without the use of any powered equipment. Boxes are typically managed by storing them in a specific rack location.

The balance between density and accessibility is influenced by the type of file system being stored. The following criteria needs to be addressed when designing high density records box storage systems:

  • Storage volume and warehouse layout: ceiling height, dock doors, exit doors, office area, and column locations? Temporary or permanent location?
  • What are your needs today and tomorrow? What type of storage expansion phasing will meet your needs?
  • Type of storage: record archive boxes, open files, medical files, architectural plans, digital media
  • Storage & retrieval: file management software, shipping & receiving operations, number of employees, order picking carts & ladders, scanners, RFID?
  • Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRC): material elevators, conveyors, stairs to access upper levels, and other equipment involved in storage systems.
  • Sprinkler system: overhead and in-rack sprinklers?
  • Energy efficient lighting: T5, T8, light timers, automatic sensory lighting?

Records Storage with Pallet Racks

Records Storage with Warehouse Pallet Racking
Palletized records storage boxes are stacked on heavy duty pallet racking and are accessed using a standard warehouse forklift.

Selective pallet rack is a good option for long-term storage of pallets containing records boxes that will not be accessed frequently, or at all. Pallets are easy to locate and handle, but individual boxes require extra labor to locate within a pallet.

Records Storage Order Picker System

Records Storage Order Picker System
Records storage rack system using a stand up order picker.

Stand up order pickers, such as the Raymond 5000 Series or the Crown SP 3000 Series, can be used to access boxes in a records storage system. Forklift guide rails are anchored to the warehouse floor to keep the trucks aligned within each order picking aisle.