Used RiveTier Catwalk Storage System, California


Used RiveTier Catwalk Storage System

This refurbished RiveTier 1 catwalk shelving system is great for storage of bulky product such as records storage archives, boxes, and other large products. It is a widespan or longspan storage system. We have refurbished this system and it is currently available for re-sale. Boltless shelving is easy to assemble and easily adjustable to fit many size applications.

Used Catwalk San Diego

Used RiveTier shelving
Used RiveTier shelving on a catwalk system.

The following system includes:

  • Floor Area: approx 1,000 square feet, including stairs and landing (approximately 22 feet wide by 44 feet long).
  • Shelf Area: 3,036 square feet including top shelf.
  • Catwalk top-of-deck at 91" and top shelf level is at 156".
  • Includes Shelf Tie Supports for maximum capacity.
  • Particle board decking.
  • Two
  • Two
Used catwalk shelving system in California
Used catwalk shelving system in California.
Used industrial shelving
Used industrial shelving San Diego.