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Hannibal Cantilever Rack 6L

Hannibal Structural

For heavy duty storage, we offer a robust structural cantilever rack system produced from varying sizes of structural ‘I-beams’.


Hannibal Structural Cantilever Rack

It is available in a variety of sizes to meet many storage needs. Hannibal structural cantilever rack can be designed to store many warehouse products such as lumber and pipes. We provide application engineering, space planning, layout design, installation, and permitting services.

Heavy Duty Hannibal Structural Racks

Consider Structural Cantilever Racks when using heavy duty products in your warehouse.

Structural Cantilever Rack Components

Structural cantilever racks usually consists of the following components:

  • Structural columns
  • Structural bases
  • Structural or roll formed arms
  • Horizontal bracings
  • X-Bracings
  • Hardware

Used Structural Cantilever Racking in San Diego

Side view of a Used Home Depot Style Structural Cantilever Rack.

Check out our Hot Deals page for our latest inventory of used cantilever racks. We carry both roll formed and heavy duty cantilever racks. Our inventory of used cantilever racks usually consists of Interlake style, LMT, and Hannibal.

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Weight 375.04 lbs


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California, Texas