Used Storage Racks


Used Storage Racks

Storage racks, made from of pallet rack and other roll formed metals, can hold light weight materials, or be designed to support heavy duty weight capacities. Storage racks allow for wide span and bulk storage applications. Used storage racks is a great way to take advantage of these features, as well as the finacial benefits of purchasing used materials.

Used Heavy Duty Storage Racks
Used heavy duty storage racks.

Used Heavy Duty Storage Racks

Pallet racks are the best answer for heavy duty storage requirements. They are quickly assembled and come in many sizes. Most pallet racks support a large amount of weight, making them a great solution for storing heavy materials, products, parts & equipment, tools, and any other heavy items.

Our used heavy duty storage racks also provide the maximum depth and width for large, bulky materials. We have different options for decking including lumber, 2x6's, punchdeck, and wiremesh decking. Check out our used heavy duty storage racks page for additional information.

Used Boltless Shelving
Used Light-to-Medium Weight Boltless Shelving in good conditions.

Used Boltless Shelving (Light-to-Medium Weight)

Used boltless shelving is generally used in warehouses for storage of lightweight materials such as boxes, supplies, small parts and equipment, tools, batteries, cartons, and bins. Boltless shelving can be configured in many sizes, and can also be used for catwalk storage applications.

A few advantages of boltless shelving are:

Boltless shelving is also known as widespan shelving. Two of the main brands of boltless shelving that we carry are Rapid Rack and RiveTier.

used interlake teardrop pallet racks
Used Interlake Teardrop Pallet Racks.

Used Pallet Racks

We have a large selection of used pallet racks available at a discounted price. Check out the link below.

Used Cantilever Racks
Used Cantilever Racks.

Used Cantilever Racks

Both structural and roll formed cantilever racks are used to store bulky materials such as lumber, sheet metal, and pipes.

Roll formed cantilever racking is typically used for light to medium weight materials, while structural cantilever rack systems are used for medium to heavy duty storage.

We have used cantilever rack in our inventory in really good condition

Used Drive In Pallet Racks
Used Drive In Pallet Racks

Used Drive In Pallet Racks

Drive In pallet racks are usually made with structural steel to increase the column resistance to forklift damage. Heavy duty structural steel drive In pallet racks are designed to maximize storage density in your existing warehouse space.

We have used drive in pallet rack in our inventory, please call us for details.