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Conveyor & Storage Solutions, Inc. is a design-build contractor providing innovative warehouse solutions, creating significant ROI and customer value. Complete turnkey services include space planning, project management, installation and permits. We support relocation, expansion, and integration during times of growth or restructuring.

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Free site visit and warehouse storage system evaluation.

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Optimize your warehouse for

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From concept to completion, overall turnkey solutions.

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Oversee projects complete on time
and within budget.

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Professional installation. Experienced.
Insured. Safety.

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Structural engineering and high piled

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Warehouse assessment for
potential storage capacity.

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Dynamic storage solutions for
your growing business.

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Commodity classification and
seismic inspection.

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Replace damaged rack and
prevent injury.

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Estimating, budgeting, and
funding services.

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We buy pallet rack and other
materials handling equipment.

Partnering with C&SS is like having an expert design team in-house. Together we have developed a standard warehouse model from which the C&SS team is able to design a custom solution per site location, all while driving consistency and standardization across Sunrun’s Warehouse Operations.


Warehouse Site Visit & Evaluation

During a site visit, we can examine the available warehouse space, evaluate the type of storage systems offered, and assess possible solutions to your requirements. Our materials handling experts have extensive knowledge with various warehouse storage systems, experience with standard and custom designed solutions, and are familiar with local and state building codes.

Optimize Your Warehouse Space

Space planning is the process of analyzing how your warehouse space can be utilized most effectively. We consider possible ways of optimization and explore methods to be more efficient. Using AutoCAD, we provide layout and elevation drawings, and look at all the options for your current needs, as well as your future growth.

Design-Build Storage Systems

Design-build is our project delivery system. By providing all phases of construction under one roof, we deliver turnkey solutions. Our services combine designing, estimating and purchasing, with delivering, installing and building permits. As a stocking distributor of both new and used materials, we offer competitive pricing and fast turnaround times.

Manage Your Warehouse Project

Our project management approach is measured by our deliverables. We practice initiating, planning, preparing, executing, controlling and achieving precise goals. We understand running your business with minimal disruption is essential, and that completing your project in a dynamically moving environment requires knowledge, skills, techniques, focus and attention.

Pallet Rack Installation

Our company has over 80 years of collective experience installing many types of warehouse storage systems including Pallet Racks, Cantilever Racks, Catwalks, Mezzanines, Order Picking Systems, Conveyors, Wire Cages and Tool Cribs. By operating with high professional standards in quality, OSHA safety and customer satisfaction, we take pride in our workmanship and the solutions we build.

Building & Fire Permits

With over 10,000 completed projects throughout California and other states, we leverage our extensive knowledge of structural engineering and high piled storage. This experience has enabled us to meet and exceed code requirements, while securing building and fire permits. Our capabilities include designing in high seismic zones and understanding product commodity classifications.

Our clients are impressed with how well we are protecting their valuable assets, offering a variety of storage options, and consistently operating at a high level of customer service. C&SS’ performance was stellar. Their professionalism, expertise and support contributed to our success.


Moving & Relocation

As a turnkey material handing provider, our qualified team of experts can assist with your moving and relocation project. We can evaluate the new facility’s specifics by examining the sprinkler system, overhead limitations, layout possibilities, and gage the real potential storage capacity and utilization. With in-house installers performing the teardown, move and relocation, and our designers managing the project, let C&SS do the heavy lifting.

Warehouse Expansion & Growth

During times of expansion and growth, considering your current needs should be as important as your future demands. Understanding your business needs and overcoming the challenges will lead to success. There are many types of solutions available including static and dynamic systems. Discover the different types of storage systems that may increase productivity and throughput.

Pallet Rack Safety & Security

We can perform a general warehouse inspection to verify the safety of your pallet rack system and facility. We look at items such as beam deflection, signage for load capacities, uprights, fall protection, seismic footplates and anchoring to the concrete slab. We can verify sprinkler system design criteria, proper flue spacing, egress aisle, and common fire and life-safety requirements.

Maintenance & Pallet Rack Repair

Preventive maintenance helps increase the life of your equipment, reduce the risk of injury, and promotes a safe working environment. We understand accidents happen. Unload pallets from bays with damaged uprights or beams and replace broken racks as soon as possible. Check your system for proper anchoring, beams connections and rack guarding.

Budget, Estimate & Finance Equipment

Our estimating system is a process that anticipates the cost of building your new storage system or expanding your existing operations and provides a credible budget. The budget improves planning your project by forecasting the expenses and securing necessary funding. Budgets, estimates, and financing are executed for many different types of projects, from new builds to construction with multiple phases.

We Buy Pallet Rack

During times of corporate restructuring or downsizing, we provide asset recovery solutions. As a new and refurbished equipment dealer, we buy pallet racks and other used equipment. We leverage our storage yard and current market share to provide the highest resale value. Our OSHA trained crews can safely dismantle, package and remove your system quickly and efficiently. We specialize in getting you out of your warehouse in a timely manner.

I would highly recommend C&SS to any company looking for an experienced and strategic warehouse design partner. For over 20 years, the C&SS team has listened to our needs and responded with incredibly creative and effective design-build solutions that exceed all expectations.