Warehouse Space Planning

At Conveyor & Storage Solutions, we optimize warehouse space by finding creative storage solutions, and apply our expertise to what we deliver, which includes:

We integrate multiple types of storage systems including pallet racks, industrial shelving, and storage mezzanines.
Using AutoCAD software, we develop storage system and building drawings to accurately design the best system.
Find valuable opportunities using new & used materials.

Warehouse Space Planning is Essential for Storage System Design

Option “A” with Warehouse Racks running North to South.
Warehouse space planning helps maximize the efficiency of your building by considering all the relevant factors for storing materials such as number of SKUs, throughput, order processing, material size and weight, and comparing them with the strengths and weaknesses of available warehouse storage systems.

Multiple Layout Options to Consider for Optimizing Warehouse Space

Option “B” with Warehouse Racks running East to West.
A manufacturing plant or distribution warehouse with few SKUs and high throughput may save space and operate more efficient by using a dynamic storage system such as a carton flow, pallet flow, push back rack or high density system, depending on what is being stored.

Once the warehouse space planning phase is complete, our project management department can assure timely delivery of materials and installation of your storage system.

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