Case Study | Submitted by: Jeremy Keith
Designed by: Jeremy Keith
Installers: C&SS Installation Team

Vending Industry Leader's Pallet Racking Solution

Vending Industry Leader | Corona, CA


Project Overview:

Canteen, a prominent player in the vending and office coffee services industry, had recently opened a existing location in Garden Grove, California that was being reconfigured from standard pallet rack picking to carton flow picking modules. Their commitment to quality and efficiency led them to seek the services of Conveyor & Storage Solutions (C&SS) to upgrade their warehousing facilities.


A System Designed to Optimize Storage Capacity

Canteen's existing Garden Grove location was a hub of activity, with vital truck deliveries scheduled each day for the early morning deliveries and early afternoon restock for the next day’s delivery. This meant that any changes to the storage infrastructure had to be executed swiftly and without interrupting the daily workflow schedule. Canteen required a new system that would maximize current storage space, streamline operations, and accommodate the strict 8:00 am to 2:00 pm installation window.

The mission was clear: tear down the obsolete racking system and replace it with a custom-designed Pallet Racking System equipped with Carton Flow and pick-to-light stations with a strict installation timeframe, CSS’ Project management team created a daily task management program to optimize the installation process. An additional challenge was the strict time frame for installation – from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm to accommodate daily truck deliveries without disruption.


Improved Storage Volume

Canteen entrusted Conveyor & Storage Solutions (C&SS) with the task of revamping their current warehouse space with a system to provide a more productive, safe and efficient workflow process. The solution encompassed several key elements:

Custom Pallet Racking System: C&SS collaborated closely with Canteen to design a Pallet Racking System tailored to their specific requirements. This customized system maximized vertical space utilization, offering enhanced storage capacity, organization and overall safer working environment.

Carton Flow Integration: To optimize order picking efficiency, the system was equipped with Carton Flow technology in conjunction with light-to-pick system. This allowed for the organized and efficient retrieval of products in a first-in, first-out fashion. The result was increased accuracy in order fulfillment.

Punctuality Commitment: Recognizing the importance of Canteen's daily truck deliveries, C&SS committed to starting the installation promptly at 8:00 am and completing daily scheduled tasks by 2:00 pm. This ensured the least amount of interruption and sections of the new system would be operational in time for the afternoon deliveries, keeping the workflow seamless.



The Influence of Carton Flow on Storage

The transition to the new Pallet Racking System with Carton Flow had a profound impact on Canteen's operations:

Improved Efficiency: The custom design and Carton Flow technology significantly improved storage efficiency and order picking processes, leading to increased overall productivity.

Punctuality Payoff: C&SS's commitment to punctuality allowed Canteen's daily truck deliveries to proceed without disruption. This not only saved time but also prevented potential bottlenecks in the supply chain.


Decreased Operational Expenditures

Cost Savings: The optimized storage solution reduced operational costs, as there was no longer a need for off-site storage facilities.
Accuracy in order fulfillment is increased.

Scalability: The new system's adaptability means it can easily be reconfigured to accommodate Canteen's future growth and evolving needs.


Storage Solutions and Steadfast Punctuality

Canteen's collaboration with Conveyor & Storage Solutions (C&SS) to overhaul their storage system in Garden Grove showcased the power of customized solutions and unwavering punctuality. The transition to a custom Pallet Racking System with Carton Flow and pick-to-light system not only facilitated seamless daily operations but also set the stage for Canteen's continued success in delivering top-quality vending and coffee services to their clients. This project exemplifies how smart warehousing solutions can drive productivity and efficiency while accommodating strict time constraints.


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