Portfolio | Submitted by: Larry Gonzalez
Designed by: Larry Gonzalez
Installers: Marcelo Ledesma, Maui Ledesma, Senobio Saldivar

Airsoft Superstore Custom Storage Design & Installation

Evike | Grapevine - Dallas, TX


Project Overview:

C&SS designed and installed a high-capacity storage solution with the use of UNEX SpeedCell®. This allowed a major manufacturer of airsoft equipment to add more efficient storage and increased picking speed to their warehouse.


Storage Solution for Airsoft Equipment Company

Evike.com is an internet store specialized in selling airsoft equipment. Evike has a retail presence in California. Participants in the sport of airsoft imitate warfare using replica weapons that discharge tiny plastic pellets. Evike.com sells a large range of airsoft weapons, equipment, and accessories in addition to other goods including tactical attire and outdoor gear. They have a retail location in California, USA, and they also provide modifications and repairs for airsoft guns.

Evike.com runs a physical store in California, USA, where customers can explore merchandise and make purchases in addition to its online store. Additionally, they offer drop shipping for companies and wholesale sales of their products. The majority of Evike.com sales are via their website. Customers can browse the large assortment of goods offered by the store, add items to their shopping carts, and then proceed to the checkout to finalize their purchases.


Working to Develop a More Effective Storage System

Evike, a rapidly expanding online retailer of airsoft products in California, was having growth problem and needed more warehouse storage. The sorting and packing procedure were growing expensive and wasteful as the warehouse became overcrowded and disorganized. They examined their data and discovered that they lacked the "correct" space necessary to support the expansion of their airsoft product line. Customers experienced lengthier lead times as a result, and there was a greater chance of stock damage or loss. To solve the problems and help optimize their warehouse space, C&SS started the procedure and evaluation.

The C&SS team suggested using the UNEX SpeedCell® System because it would increase the customer satisfaction to store more goods in a smaller location, freeing up valuable floor space. For those of you that do not know, SpeedCell is a dynamic high-density shelving solution that maximizes space utilization within existing racks, helping warehouse and backroom operations improve pick speed and accuracy for valuable time and cost savings. The installation team also suggested using a carton flow bed design, which would enhance visibility and air circulation while lowering the likelihood of product damage. The C&SS management suggested a number of enhancements, such as:

• Putting in Place a More Effective Shelf System

• Enhancing Inventory Control

• Increasing Efficiency in Picking and Packaging



UNEX SpeedCell® System to Transform Warehouse & Production Areas

In order to assess compliance as well as fit and function, C&SS decided to install UNEX SpeedCell® into bays during their very busy season. Ultimately, C&SS successfully was able to add additional bays to their existing square foot facility. Surprisingly, with no extra structural changes, this installation increased the number of locations while maintaining their current footprint by locations per bay or locations in each aisle. Real-time inventory tracking has significantly improved with the design and installation of the UNEX SpeedCell® system!

By installing the UNEX SpeedCell® System, Evike and the C&SS were able to overcome difficulties associated with the existing warehouse storage space and its limitations.


Pallet racking is condensed by UNEX SpeedCell® Storage to create space

C&SS delivered a custom designed solution for the client, exceeding their goals with the following:

• Higher Storage Capacity

• More Accurate Inventory Tracking

• Reduced Lead Times

• Final result, reducing overall expenses


A Completely Different Perspective on Pallet Racking

Throughout the initial research on through to the conclusion, C&SS contributed to efficiency options with:

• C&SS was successful in increasing storage capacity per bay

• SKUs count per bay increased dramatically

• Enhanced efficiency in picking and stocking

• High-value materials effectively organized with UNEX SpeedCell®

We have seen a significant improvement in our overall efficiency and accuracy since implementing the UNEX SpeedCell®, and we would definitely recommend it to others in the industry. Overall, we are extremely happy with our decision to collaborate with C&SS.
– Owner


SpeedCell® Storage System Pictures