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Designed by: APEX
Installers: APEX

Gravity Roller Conveyor Design for Navy Aircraft Carrier

United States Navy | San Diego, CA


Project Overview:

The United States Navy needed to improve its food delivery capabilities on board the aircraft carrier USS Essex. Conveyor & Storage Solutions constructed a custom Gravity Roller Conveyor Design.


Gravity Conveyor Belt Helps to Provide Food to Navy Personnel

The aircraft carrier USS Essex was the first of the 24-ship Essex class designed for the US Navy during World War II. It was the fourth ship in the US Navy to carry the name. Essex was completed in December 1942 and served in the Pacific Theater of Operations for multiple campaigns, earning the Presidential Unit Citation and 13 combat stars. Shortly after the war's end, it was removed from service. In the early 1950s, the Essex was renovated and returned to service as an attack carrier, eventually becoming an antisubmarine aircraft carrier.


Gravity Roller Conveyor Parts Craned Up to Aircraft Carrier

September of 2019 numerous conversations and discussions were held between staff of the USS Essex and Conveyor and Storage Solutions, Inc. regarding a custom Gravity Feed Conveyor Belt move food materials quickly through the aircraft carrier to buffet facility. Due to unforeseen challenges such as manufacturing and component delays the project had to be put on the back burner until discussions along with planning reopened in September 2020 with a reenergized C&SS design team with a clear vision in place!

The C&SS installers in collaboration with APEX were met with the rigorous task of craning up the Gravity Roller Conveyor Design to the massive steel ship. The result of a can-do attitude accompanied with strong communication between Navy affiliates and the C&SS design and install team, the Stainless-Steel Gravity Roller Conveyor to allow food products to roll smoothly and quickly along the upper surface to get to the buffet area of the carrier was completed on schedule. All COVID-19 protocols were followed through the duration of this amazing installation! The feedback from the completed application was so well received, one individual commented: “Thank you again Chris for your support and patience, you’ve been an amazing help!”


Custom Designed Gravity Roller Conveyor System

The installed gravity roller conveyor to the USS Essex allows for food to roll along on rollers by gravity:

• New Apex Gravity Roller Conveyors - 120" long x 18" wide

• Gravity conveyors are one of the most basic and cost-effective material handling devices available.

• New Apex Gravity Roller Conveyors -110" long x 18" wide

• New Apex Gravity Conveyor Tripod Stands


Gravity Roller Conveyor Design Pictures