Portfolio | Submitted by: Joe Wesolek
Designed by: Kurt Winbigler
Installers: Maui Ledesma

High-Priced Retail Chain Has Wire Storage Cages Installed in Otay Mesa, CA Warehouse

Duty Free Holding | Otay Mesa, CA


Project Overview:

Large customer service retail store warehouse located in Otay Mesa, CA makes use of pallet rack storage to keep high-priced brand name items flawless.


Pallet Storage Racks Assists with Facility Employees Safety

Along the US-Mexico border, Duty Free is the world's first customer service retail destination for high price manufacturers. 601 East San Ysidro Boulevard, San Diego, California 92173 is the location of their first 14,000 square foot flagship shop. Duty Free City is a lifestyle place that encourages customers to connect with their favorite brands such as through a colorful, customer-focused, and interactive shopping experience.


Wire Mesh Storage Cages Is A Good Priced Way of Controlling Access to Distribution Centers

Businesses commonly will use steel mesh storage cages and workplace access gates to beef up their security measures. Through the use of our storage cages for sale and hinge doors with locks, we were able to give Duty Free Holding in Otay Mesa, CA greater access control and safety to their warehouse and employees. Conveyor & Storage Solutions is committed to offering top-of-the-line storage solutions to satisfy the different demands of our clients.

Through the use of our 3 vendors, we addressed the multiple needs. For example, U.S. Customs had required that our scissor gates needed to be on roll-up doors in the warehouse facility. Also, with well thought out superb design by our resident Account manager Kurt Winbigler, the C&SS Team was able to blend the application so well with the rest of their current equipment. Finally, the client was able to have a rack enclosure that will keep their valuable products safe while they are being inspected by U.S. customs.


High-End Retail Store Protects Merchandise with Wire Mesh Security Cage

C&SS Design-Build of a Steel Mesh Storage Cages for Large Retail Store:

• New Teardrop Hannibal Uprights, 42" Deep x 168" Tall

• Wire Mesh Decks, 42" Deep x 46" Wide

• Hinge Door Includes Key Lock, Push Bar to Exit, and Auto-Close

• New Hilti 1/2" x 5-1/2" Concrete Anchors


Steel Mesh Storage Cage Pictures