Portfolio | Submitted by: Larry Gonzalez
Designed by: Larry Gonzalez
Installers: C&SS Installation Team

Edge of Dock Leveler for a Coffee Roaster

Stumptown Coffee Roasters | Los Angeles, CA


Project Overview:

Stumptown’s growing expansion into downtown Los Angeles required a warehouse location able to service their numerous cafés. While an appropriate location was identified, it required some retrofitting to be as efficient as possible.


National Third Wave Coffee Roaster Expanding into Southern California

When Duane Sorenson founded Stumptown Coffee Roasters in 1999, he set out with a unique mission: find the best coffee beans in the world, pay a living wage to the farmers who harvest them and raise the expectations around a cup of coffee.

Since its founding, Stumptown has stayed true to this mission. Even while expanding to both coasts and opening a brand new 37,000 square foot headquarters in Portland, Oregon, the company has upheld its commitment to both quality and community – both here in the US and abroad in the communities in which Stumptown farmers work and live.


Retrofit Older Warehouse Building to Accommodate Modern Infrastructure

While Los Angeles is by no means bereft of warehouse locations, much of the available space dates from the massive period of growth during and following WW2. One such space is the one Stumptown ended up at, and quickly discovered they needed to modernize their new warehouse space to suit their business needs. One critical aspect of their retrofit was the loading dock, as it was built to a lower height to serve delivery driver step-down trucks more common to the era.

After careful consideration and consultation with C&SS’s design experts, a Bluff Manufacturing Steel Lo-Dock Leveler was selected as the best possible solution to the problem. The Lo-Dock Leveler provided a ramp for forklifts and other material handling equipment to be able to reach modern day semi-truck tractor trailers, accommodating weights of up to 25,000 pounds.


Installed Edge of Dock Leveler for Ease of Access

Conveyor and Storage Solutions provided the following products and services:

• A speedy installation by C&SS’s skilled in-house installation team

• Professional industry knowledge coupled with expert consultation and design

• Installation rated to comply with all applicable building and transportation code

• Bluff Lo-Dock ramp allowing forklifts and pallet trucks easy access to modern commercial transportation infrastructure


Forklift Access Ramp Pictures