Portfolio | Submitted by: Kurt Winbigler
Designed by: Kurt Winbigler
Installers: Jeremy Keith & Kurt Winbigler

Marine Corps Has Wire Mesh Storage Cages Custom Built

Marine Corps Recruit Depot | San Diego, CA


Project Overview:

Marine Corp has a custom designed and installation of wire partitions to enclose and secure military equipment.


Wire Mesh Enclosure to House Soldiers Equipment

The Marine Corps Recruit Depot and San Diego have a close relationship that dates back over 150 years of mutual support, assistance, and growth. The Recruit Depot's objective is to offer enlisted soldiers with welcome, processing, and recruit training following their first admission into the United States Marine Corps.

The Depot's primary objective is to transform excellent young men and women from the western two-thirds of the United States through rigorous basic training, shared history, and a dedication to our values and principles.


Marine’s Make Use of Custom Wire Mesh Storage Cages

Conveyor and Storage Solutions Inc. teams up with Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) located here in sunny San Diego to assist them in resolving a storage issue at their nearby facility. Similar to other military bases, this location has a lot of equipment that needs to be kept, including everything newly enlisted marines will need during their basic training. Although, with limited space our C&SS design and install team were able to construct a wirecrafters wire partitioning application that resulted in answering their storage concerns and securing the area.

The wire crafters wire partitioning application was equipped having a custom designed sliding door to access the secured area. The sliding doors open to the side of the entryway, in front of the closely spaced wall panel. Also, for added security a custom eForce 150 keyless entry lock was added. When used with deadlatches or exit devices, a set 2 to 7-digit character followed by a star key allows for one entry in the normal mode of operation. It works well with with aluminum stiles, steel doors, and wood doors. Conveyor and Storage Solutions Inc. has provided the military with countless storage solutions over the years.


Welded Wire Industrial Partitions for Soldiers

Conveyor & Storage Solutions provided the following products and services:

• Gray WireCrafters 840 Style Partition

• Wire Partition Panels with Sliding Doors

• E-Force Combo Lock with Lever on both sides


Wire Partition Panel Pictures