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Designed by: Larry Gonzalez
Installers: Jeremy Keith & Senobio Saldivar

Meat Trading Business Has Pallet Racking System Installed

Monarch Trading LLC | Vernon, CA


Project Overview:

L.A. Based Meat Trading Company builds cold facilities as part of growth-expansion plans. Structural racking and structural freezer/cooler air unit mounts.


Hannibal Pallet Racking System for Wholesale Meat Company – Freezer / Cooler Expansion

This leading Meat Trading company keeps expanding each year. With a customer base that spans throughout the United States. They owe a lot of their success to having long-term close ties and friendships with many companies in the meat industry. Maintaining a watchful eye on trading conditions helps them to buy quickly and in large amounts to deliver excellent proteins at reasonable prices.

Their experience enables them not only to offer a fresh supply of readily available meat products to customers, but also to bring valuable market information for which they collect on a daily - And by doing so - helps them to make better educated product choices.


Heavy Duty Pallet Racking Uprights to Support Heavy Air Units, Frozen Meat & Poultry

This LA Based Meat Trading Co. sells high demand frozen beef, pork, lamb, poultry and seafood from vendors directly to consumers from all around the world. With the assistance of Conveyor & Storage Solutions Team, they were able to undertake a facility expansion that effectively allowed them to quadruple the carrying capacity of their storage products and thereby reduce and/or eliminate dependance for 3rd party climate-controlled storage of meat and poultry. Customized Hannibal pallet racking systems allowed them to keep a large inventory on hand.

The structural steel racking is dual-purpose, beyond holding product, it is also made to support heavy cooler & freezer Air Units above the aisles of the facility. This is due to building roof weight limitations.

Our in-house install Team made sure that every screw has been secured, every placed anchor has been tightened, and every inch has been wiped down clean. No detail is overlooked by the C&SS crew! Our objective is to provide top – notch customer service, clear understanding, and a long professional partnership.


Structural Warehouse Racking to Keep Poultry Fresh and Quadruple In-House Storage Capacity

C&SS Performed a Custom-Built Structural Rack For Meat Trading Company:

• Customized Built Structural Steel Racking

• Selective Pallet Racking, Triple Rows

• Drive-In Racking

• Analysis of Storage Racks


Structural Steel Racking Pictures