Portfolio | Submitted by: Joe Wesolek
Designed by: Joe Wesolek
Installers: Jeremy Keith, Jarrod Faul, and Maui Ledesma

Otay Mesa Pallet Racks for Largest International Logistics Provider

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics | Otay Mesa, CA


Project Overview:

Large international company that provides high-performance products has design & build of a beautiful industrial pallet storage racks.


Pallet Racking Shelves to Store Airfreight & Seafreight Products

Hellmann has grown from its humble beginnings in 1871 to become one of the world's leading logistics companies. Airfreight, Seafreight, Road & Rail, and Contract Logistics are some of their high-performance goods. With maximum communication and more effective supply chains, Hellmann always provides the best solution for their clients' complicated logistical needs, relying on future-oriented digital services.

This company places a high value on a suite of services that balances the three important aspects of sustainability: the economy, the environment, and social concerns.


Steel Warehouse Racking Built for Otay Mesa Location

For businesses in San Diego and Otay Mesa, storage space is always a problem. C&SS provided quality products such as Hannibal Uprights, Step Beams, and Wire Mesh Decks to make this design/build of warehouse rack system a success! In addition, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics requested to have a safe way for employees to access products, because they have a large amount of inventory. As a Master Distributor, Conveyor and Storage Solutions felt extremely confident in recommending Hannibal to this client. To accommodate the requirements from our client, the application as well as the scissor gate needed to be secure and compliant to the regulations from U.S. Customs.

Conveyor and Storage Solutions enjoys solving difficult pallet storage racking problems because they are so much fun! Get in contact with us right away if you're having trouble with your storage issues.


Warehouse Pallet Shelving Systems Enhances Global Airfreight Business

C&SS Design-Build of a Heavy-Duty Racks for Warehouse in Otay Mesa:

• Hannibal Uprights with Column Footplates

• Step Beams with Custom 3 Pin Connection

• Wire Mesh Decks with Galvanized 3 Step Channel Supports

• Brand New Row Spacers with 4 Hole Connectors


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