Portfolio | Submitted by: Kurt Winbigler
Designed by: Kurt Winbigler
Installers: Jarrod Faul & Maui Ledesma

Custom Logos on Wine Business Has Heavy-Duty Pallet Racking System Installed

A+ Wine Designs | San Diego, CA


Project Overview:

Custom Wine Design business seeks out the installation of a heavy-duty pallet racking system to meet unique height requirements and ensure protection of wine bottles.


Wine Design Business Installs Pallet Racks for Warehouse

A+ Wine Designs are specialists in handcrafted personalized wine bottles and are genuinely making one-of-a-kind works of art. At their California factory, each bottle is uniquely hand-painted by artists. They are continuing developing and growing a vast line of products in order to serve their future customers.

To get things started, a customer would select a wine and then customize it with our lovely personalized wine label designs. These personalized wine bottles create a stunning and one-of-a-kind wine that are perfect for corporate wine gifts, wedding gifts, or to add a personal touch to your own wine collection.


Pallet Shelving Racks Stores Personalized Wine Bottle Supplies

There are many styles of storage rack systems that can be found in warehouses, industrial facilities, and service centers around the country. For this Custom Wine Design company, our very own C&SS design team would take on the challenge of planning and constructing a fully functional heavy duty pallet racking system that can safely support light and heavy inventory in their California based warehouse facility.

Based on this need, installers began with adjusting and customizing the height of the pallet racking system to the customers height requirement. This resulted in the perfect solution to their storage needs. The teardrop uprights of the heavy duty pallet racking system could not only support extreme heavy products but also keep all their forklift drivers safe and prevent fire hazards.


Pallet Racks for Warehouse Wine Bottles

Conveyor & Storage Solutions provided the following products and services:

• New Teardrop Hannibal Uprights, 42" Deep x 120" Tall

• Step Beams, 96" Long x 4-1/2" Face

• Galvanized 12" Row Spacers - 4 Hole Connectors

• Gray Wire Mesh Decks, 42" Deep x 46" Wide


Heavy Duty Pallet Racking System Pictures