Portfolio | Submitted by: Joe Wesolek
Designed by: Jeremy Keith & Joe Wesolek
Installers: Jeremy Keith & Senobio Saldivar

Technology Firm Adds Wire Mesh Storage Cage

Technology Firm | Orange County, CA


Project Overview:

A local Technology Firm was seeking out to customize and build a storage cage fencing application to house cutting-edge hardware and software products.


Software Secured by Wire Partition Storage Cage with Lock

America and its allies rely on this Technology Firm for cutting-edge devices and system solutions that solve difficult national security challenges. The main goal they want to achieve is a product development business that creates technology that works right away. The company does not deliver in years, but in hours. Within minutes of activation, our partners begin receiving meaningful information.

They strive to create things that the government does not think are possible yet. Also, they use the most modern systems to solve problems for our armed forces with the help of elite tech talent.


Product Testing Done in Wire Storage Cage Fencing

Today's portfolio is regarding a Technology Firm that’s primary focus was to have a custom designed and construction of a wire storage cage with lock at a warehouse facility located in California.

Conveyor and Storage Solutions, Inc. experienced design team went on location to create and construct an amazing unique solution for an innovative Tech Company. They needed a place to keep their valuable software and hardware equipment. These would be kept in wire partition cages and would have an amazing height of 21 feet for product testing and ensuring all facility space would be used! To save a lot of room, we tailored our wire mesh warehouse cages to have its very own push gate for quick access for company employees to the testing area.


Wire Cage Locks Equipped with Push Gate

C&SS provided a California based Technology Firm with custom Wire Mesh Security Partitions:

• Custom Designed Wire Testing Cage

• 10'x10' Sliding Door with Standard Cylinder Lock

• 2"x1", 10 Gauge Woven Wire Partition


Wire Mesh Security Cage Pictures