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Synthetic Grass Supplier's Thrilling Warehouse Expansion

Synthetic Grass Company | San Diego, CA


Project Overview:

Turf Hub, a prominent Texas-based company, specializes in being a nationwide supplier of synthetic grass and related products. Their success has been marked by the quality of their products, attention to customer satisfaction, and timely deliveries. As their business expanded rapidly, they faced a critical challenge of optimizing their warehouse space to accommodate their growing inventory and meet the increasing demand for synthetic grass products. Turf Hub sought a partner to design and implement a pallet racking system, along with accompanying aisle space to handle 15-foot rolls of synthetic grass and accommodate forklifts. Conveyor & Storage Solutions (C&SS) stepped up to the plate to meet these challenging requirements.


Accessories for Artificial Turf

Turf Hub had experienced a lot of growth over the past few years. Their product line had expanded, and they now offered a wide range of synthetic grass options, landscaping products, and artificial turf accessories. They operated out of a large facility in Texas, but the existing warehouse space was no longer sufficient to manage the inventory, and there was a pressing need for more efficient storage solutions.

With an impending surge in orders due to the upcoming landscaping season, Turf Hub was racing against time to optimize their storage space. The situation was further complicated by the need to accommodate rolls of synthetic grass up to 15 feet in length and ensure that forklifts could easily maneuver within the facility.


Guaranteeing Smooth Maneuverability for Forklifts

Best use Space: The existing warehouse space was sufficiently good, so maximizing storage capacity without compromising accessibility was paramount.

15-Foot Roll Storage: Accommodating 15-foot rolls of synthetic grass required specialized racking systems that could securely store these lengthy items.

Forklift Accessibility: The layout needed to ensure that forklifts could move easily within the facility, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Tight Timeline: The project had an extremely tight deadline, with just one week to finalize the design, build the pallet racking system, and make the facility operational.


Conveyor & Storage Solutions Steps In

Turf Hub approached Conveyor & Storage Solutions, a trusted name in warehouse solutions, for help. CSS quickly assembled a team of experts to assess the needs and come up with a plan to address these challenges.

The solution presented by C&SS was comprehensive. They proposed a custom-designed pallet racking system with specific configurations to safely store 15-foot rolls of synthetic grass. This system would utilize vertical space efficiently, maximizing storage while preserving the ease of access for inventory management. The design also included wide aisles to allow forklifts to maneuver comfortably, further improving efficiency and safety.


Installation Executed with Precision

With the design finalized, C&SS went to work. The installation process was executed with precision, ensuring that every element was put in place in a manner that maximized space and efficiency. The C&SS team worked around the clock to meet the strict one-week deadline set by Turf Hub.

C&SS custom designed the following final solution:

• Custom Pallet Racking System: A robust racking system designed specifically for Turf Hub's inventory, maximizing storage space while accommodating 15-foot rolls of synthetic grass.

• Spacious Aisles: Wide aisles that allowed forklifts to navigate easily, ensuring efficient movement of inventory.

• Safety Features: The system incorporated safety features to protect both employees and stored inventory.


Addressing Intricate Warehouse Hurdles

• The partnership between Turf Hub and Conveyor & Storage Solutions was a resounding success. Turf Hub was able to optimize its warehouse space, which allowed for increased inventory capacity. The expanded storage area provided a seamless workflow, significantly improving order fulfillment and customer satisfaction. Despite the tight deadline, CSS's efficient execution ensured that Turf Hub's operations were up and running within a week, just in time to meet the surging demand for synthetic grass products.

• The notable aspects of this project included the impressive speed and accuracy with which CSS completed the project, addressing Turf Hub's unique requirements. The success of this partnership underlines the importance of collaboration between innovative companies like Turf Hub and solution-oriented firms like Conveyor & Storage Solutions in solving complex warehouse challenges.

• This case study demonstrates how a rapid and well-executed warehouse expansion project can significantly impact a company's ability to meet growing demands and continue to thrive in a competitive market.


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