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Driver and Building Access Cages


Wirecrafters driver and building access cages provide enhanced security by creating a barrier, one that makes it much easier to keep unauthorized personnel from accessing an area.



Driver and Building Access Cages

When it comes to managing a warehouse environment, safety is of paramount concern. Areas where warehouse associates, contractors and other personnel are able to mix freely or that provide unrestricted access to inventory and products may pose a more serious threat than many businesses or property owners might realize. Driver and building access cages provide enhanced security by creating a barrier, one that makes it much easier to keep unauthorized personnel from accessing an area.

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Enhanced Site Safety

Personnel who may not be authorized to access a work area, loading dock or other environment typically include:

  • Workers and associates whose presence may pose a safety or security concern
  • Visitors from off-site that may have become lost or who have not been effectively dissuaded from entering an area
  • Thieves, vandals and those who have entered the area with criminal intent

Lacking an effective security barrier can make it all but impossible to police the environment and ensure that those who lack proper access are unable to gain entry. The installation of driver and building access cages makes it much easier to safeguard employees, secure inventory and maintain a safer working environment.

Restricting Access to Warehouses, Buildings and Interior Environments

Loading bays, warehouses and distribution centers pose a number of unique security challenges. With so many vehicles, associates and traffic coming and going, limiting access to buildings and other interior environment can be quite difficult. Access cages, which may be ordered to set specifications, offer a simple and effective way to restrict access to buildings and other internal area. A free-standing cage or one that has been anchored to an existing structure means that even the busiest loading area, warehouse or similar work environments can be secured with far greater ease and effectiveness.

Access Cage Configuration

A typical driver access cage consists of three sides that are attached to an exterior wall and entryway. The durable construction and heavy-gauge wire and mesh used to create an industrial access cage makes for a sturdy barrier, one that is not easily bypassed. Construction dimensions are flexible and made-to-order cages provide warehouse and business owners with a security solution that has been tailor made to fit their needs.

WireCrafters Bench

Most access cages typically feature a service window in order to facilitate driver interactions and paperwork exchange. They may also utilize a pedestrian door in order to facilitate further access. The inside of the cage is equipped with a simple key lock in order to ensure that drivers and other visitor remained confined to the enclosure.

Access Cage Features

  • A push bar to facilitate emergency exits from the warehouse or building’s interior
  • Available with coded entry lock or electric-latch release
  • 2-inch steel support posts
  • Welded base-plate for ground and floor attachment

Additional Accessories and Optional Features

Cages may be furnished with an optional bench, available in 4, 6 or 8 foot width. Cages may also utilize ceiling panels which feature the same heavy-gauge wire construction in order to further enhance security. Optional railing systems may also be used in order to provide additional protection within high-traffic environments.

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