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Evidence Storage Enclosures and Secured Storage


These WireCrafters multi-functional lockers offer versatility, you have the ability to section a room or design enclosures, which are secure and self-contained.



WireCrafters Evidence Storage Enclosures and Secured Storage

The WireCrafters Evidence Storage Enclosures and Secured Storage are a Style 840 partition system. A preferred product for customers that need self-contained storage enclosures, or a way to section rooms, allows you to safely store products while protecting them from unauthorized access.

Evidence and Storage Enclosures Brochure

Evidence Storage Enclosures and Secured Storage

If you need small-storage solutions, we suggest wire partition evidence lockers. You have the option to add shelves to the lockers that are 3 feet in length and width and 7 feet by 6 inches in height. They come with a padlock lug.

Service Window WireCrafters Secure Enclosure

Extra Security Features

Our open and secure design grants access to goods without having to dig around for them. The wire partitions, made from mesh, means you have viewable access and security. Additionally, they make use of your current lighting, fire suppression system, and HVAC options, ensuring you reduce unnecessary costs.

Customization and Wire Mesh Panels

We make systems customizable – they fit rooms of any size. One of our most popular options is the standard slide-up service window that comes with fixed counters. Customers use them for distribution points and issue stations.

Another popular option is our mesh panels. The panels bolt to existing walls because they form a room divider. To create a corner room using existing walls, use two wire walls.

This system has hinged and sliding doors. These doors come with our standard built-in key lock. If you need a different lock, we provide digital keypads, proximity card readers, biometric fingerprint readers and card readers. All options provide an added level of security.

Evidence Storage Lockers

Evidence storage enclosures meet the demand for small storage and security. We provide a padlock lug, and you supply the padlock. If you need multiple evidence lockers, our solution allows for the sharing of common sidewalls. You may separate those into secured areas within your building. We also provide back panels and ceiling panels.

The Magic of Mesh

Our storage lockers and security partitions keep your goods safe in a unique way – with hardware that you access from the inside of the mesh cage. For added protection, use tamper-proof hardware. The 10-gauge woven wire comes in a 2-inch by 1-inch rectangular mesh, which is welded inside a steel angle frame.

Stock Panels

The panels come in one-foot increments, ranging in size from 1 to 10 feet wide. The panel heights come in 4 or 5 feet.

Quick Shipping

We continuously stock panels and basic cages, allowing us to offer 48-hour shipping throughout the United States.

Variety of Applications

Our multi-functional lockers offer versatility – you have the ability to section a room or design enclosures, which are secure and self-contained. You have door and lock options available to customize your needs too. The WireCrafters Style 840 partition system securely protects your belongings.

Additional Offerings and Tidbits

  • Our company offers twenty standard-sized panels that are 4 or 5 feet high by 1 to 10 feet wide.
  • We offer custom-size panels, including specialized heights. Stack two or more panels to equal the wall height.
  • Standard-size panels are ideal for walls and ceilings.
  • Our doors are available in hinged, double-hinged, sliding and vertical-rise. Our sliding doors come with a tamper-resistant patented latch mechanism.
  • Our angle-frame design provides see-through access to the hardware, making for a quicker installation process.
  • For added security, you will not have the ability to access assembly hardware from the secured side of the partition.
  • If you need something sturdy, we recommend using the standard three-eighths mounting hardware – the heaviest industry standard.
  • We offer panel variety. Panels come in mesh, sheet metal, clear Lexan or expanded metal.

Additional System Components:

Secured Wine with Storage Enclosures

As experts in secured storage solutions, product separation, custom fit designs and absolute efficiency, Conveyor & Storage Solutions, Inc. is the partner you need to get your job done right the first time. Along with decades of experience, C&SS is a certified WireCrafters Premier Distributor, trained with their most popular items for lightning quick turnaround and getting you the best prices for all your material handling needs. Discover more in our Case Study: Wine Storage with Secure Wire Lockers of a recent project we completed with WireCrafters storage lockers.

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