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Hydraulic VRC Pump

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRCs) also known as Material Lifts or Freight Lifts are a cost effective, safe and easy means of transporting your materials from one elevation to another.


The Benefits of a Mechanical Lift with Hydraulic VRC Pump:

Whether you’re a distribution center with integrated mezzanines, a manufacturing facility with multiple levels, or an archive records storage facility with a balcony and a hydraulic VRC pump is the solution for your vertical lifting needs.

  • Constructed for “bolt-together” installation. Field welding not required
  • All bracing material provided
  • Structural grade fasteners and floor anchors provided
  • Industrial strength carriage platform handles heavy point loads
  • Roller bearings with easy-access grease fittings for all wheels and sleeves
  • Dual hydraulic rams and lifting cables provide redundant safety
  • Hydraulic rams pull, rather than push, for added strength and longer life
  • Hydraulic operating pressure maintained below 1,600 psi for extended component life
  • Oversized oil reservoir provided to reduce possibility of oil overheating
  • Automatic shut-off valves for broken hydraulic hoses
  • Manual lowering valve provided for emergency use
  • High-flex lifting cable provides extended service life
  • Broken cable free-fall safety cams rated for 7,000 lb

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