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The WireCrafters System 22 Industrial HandRails are designed on 8-inch centers, only requires standard tools, the installer has the ability to effortlessly set up the product.



WireCrafters Industrial Handrails

If you need to increase safety measures in your shipping area and protect workers around dock doors, we suggest WireCrafters Industrial Handrails. The system is easy to set up as you only need standard tools – you do not need to cut, weld or attach self-tapping screws. The product, made from industrial steel, helps divide fork trucks and staff members that need to walk through high-traffic areas, usually found on a warehouse or production floor.

For higher areas like a second-level or a mezzanine, we recommend using a 4-inch kick plate – the plate attaches to the handrail system. We designed it to prevent small objects from accidentally falling off enclosed spaces. For another layer of security, you may add hinged handrail doors. These doors control unauthorized access to secured areas of your facility. When you need to use the product on the mezzanine, the doors assist with loading goods from the ground-floor level to the mezzanine. The doors come in two options – 3-feet single doors or up to 8-feet double-hinged doors.

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Dimensions, Attachments and the Installation Process

The WireCrafters System 22 Industrial HandRails are designed on 8-inch centers, only requires standard tools, the installer has the ability to effortlessly set up the product. The handrail comes with a mid rail that is centered at 20 inches and comes with a 42-inch high top rail. You drill the upright posts and the rails with floor anchors and three-eighths bolts. The dimensions for the standard rail sections are 7 feet by 6 inches, 3 feet by 6 inches and 1 foot by 6 inches long. Welded to the handrail uprights are rail connectors. The connectors assist with the installation process, allowing you to secure the rail into its proper place. Two-inch square tubing uprights fit with the rail sections. Use these for items like ends posts, run posts or corner posts. To further assist you with the installation process, we include assembly drawings, which provide additional information on how the posts, rails and kick plates fit together. If you need to build a stand-alone handrail unit, we suggest you place an order for two rails, along with two posts.

The Durability of Powder Coated Safety Yellow

As with some of our other products like GuardRail, WireCrafters System 22 Industrial HandRails also uses powder coated safety yellow. While the purpose of the handrail’s safety yellow finish is for indoor use, you have likely seen outdoor versions of this product too. For example, construction workers use it on sidewalks or streets to section off certain areas so people avoid them. In the case of our handrail product, please remember we use the durable indoor version, although this type also helps with things like UV rays and should withstand outdoor exposure to various weather elements.

Handrail kick plate

Key Aspects of the Rails

  • The product is referred to a bolt-up rail system.
  • The top rail is 42 inches high from the ground floor level.
  • The mid rail is centered at 20 inches from the floor.
  • We supply posts and rails made out of 14-gauge steel tubing.
  • When combined, the post and rail layouts center at 8 feet, 4 feet or 2 feet.
  • For added customization, you have the option to cut standard rails to achieve the desired length.
  • For a mezzanine or second level, use the 4-inch kick plate.
  • Secure the rails to the posts with factory-threaded inserts.
  • For floor anchoring, make sure you weld the posts to a base plate.
  • The rails mount to the face-side of a mezzanine or you have the ability to mount them to the floor.

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