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Jaken 100A Series Extra Shelf

Series 100A shelving features our Double Rivet Z-Beam for the top and bottom shelves which provides for a more attractive look because the decking rests inside the beam.

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Jaken 100A Series Extra Shelf

Our Jaken 100A Series Extra Shelf is available in particle board decking, laminated board decking, or wire mesh decking. Shelves are adjustable in 1 ½” increments. Units are priced in our most popular height of 7’, but can be ordered in heights ranging from 3’ to 12’ to fit your specific needs. Easy to assemble. Units are accessible from all four sides. Individual units can be connected using interlocking Tie Plates. Tie Plates sold separately Steel color: Gray. All units come complete with particle board decking.

Intermediate shelves feature Single Rivet Beams for attractive low profile design. This industrial grade shelving is designed for medium to light duty applications and is an excellent alternative to traditional all steel shelving and standard boltless shelving.

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Installation Instructions

Due to recent tariff increases on steel imports, there will be a 8-10% surcharge added to our prices. Please contact us for accurate pricing.


  • 36”
  • 48”

  • 12″
  • 18”
  • 24”
Capacity Per Level:

  • 225
  • 300
  • 375
  • 500


FastRak Particle Board 6L Jaken Shelving Laminate Board Deck 6

Additional Details:

  • Industrial grade shelving
  • Heavy duty construction
  • No nuts, bolts or shelf clips
  • Accessible from all four sides
  • Shelves adjust on 1-1/2″ centers

Advanced boltless shelving design provides easy assembly without nuts, bolts or shelf clips.

Particle Board Decking

Jaken 100A Series Extra Shelf Small
1/2″ thick. Low cost and durable.

Single Rivet Beams

Intermediate shelves feature Single Rivet Beams for attractive low profile design.

Double Rivet Z-Beams

Top and bottom shelves utilize Double Rivet Z-Beams to form a rigid structure.

Jaken 100A Series Extra Shelf LG

Additional information

Weight 8.56 lbs


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