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Jaken 300A Series Units

Jaken 300A series extra heavy duty boltless shelving is built with industrial strength steel. Utilizing an advanced boltless design, this Jaken 300A unit is easy to assemble without the need of bolts, nuts or shelf clips.


Jaken 300A Boltless Shelving Units

Jaken 300A series units come with double rivet beams on the top and bottom of the shelving unit. The double riveted beams provide the units with a rigid structure without the use of crossbars. This allows for easy access from all sides of the shelving.

Jaken boltless shelving units come in a steel color “powder coated grey”. All Jaken series 300A units are priced in the standard height of 7’, however are often ordered in heights starting from 3’ to 12’ to fit your custom requirements.

Our Jaken 300A extra heavy load capacity units are priced complete with 3/4″ laminate decking or 3/4″ particle board decking. All Jaken 300A units come standard with 5 shelves. You can also customize the Jaken 300A units by ordering additional shelving that can be adjusted on 1 1/2″ centers.

Individual units can then be connected utilizing interlocking Tie Plates. Tie Plates are sold individually one by one.

Jaken Brochure

Installation Instructions

  • Industrial grade shelving
  • No nuts, bolts or shelf clips
  • Accessible from all four sides
  • Shelf adjustable every 1-1/2″ high

  • 36″
  • 48″
  • 60″

  • 12″
  • 18″
  • 24″
  • 30″
  • 36″

  • 6′
  • 7′
  • 8′

  • 250
  • 375
  • 500


FastRak Particle Board 6L Jaken Shelving Laminate Board Deck 6

Advanced boltless shelving design provides easy assembly without nuts, bolts or shelf clips.

Top and Bottom Shelves

Top and Bottom Shelves utilize Double Rivet Beams to form a rigid structure.

Intermediate Shelves

Intermediate Shelves feature Single Rivet Beams for attractive Low Profile Design.

Tie Plates

Units can be connected using interlocking Tie Plates.


Additional information

Weight 84.94 lbs


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