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Kennedy Series Metal Workbench

Leg in corners workbench covered in the heaviest grade laminate available today. Different options of finishing according with client specifications. Select these work benches where delicate electronics could be damaged by static charges.


Kennedy Series Metal Workbench

Class 100 rated clean room tables have laminate covering the top and bottom. Standard Formica has no problems with household chemicals. This Kennedy series metal workbench withstands stronger chemicals as well.

Kennedy Series Workbench

Clean room laminated industrial workbenches.

Nevamar brand laminates are known for their hard aluminum oxide coating which reduces or eliminates most scratches and/or wear.

  • Full perimeter frame holds 5,000 pounds
  • Rounded front edge for comfort
  • solid stainless steel trim strip
  • Footrest adjustment
  • Solid stainless steel drawer pulls
  • Chrome plated leveling floor guides

Assembly Workbench Set-Up

Lights, power outlet and keyboard tray are just a few accessories that can be integrated in your workbench.

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