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Material Lift Applications

Covering a wide range of usage in several different industries that uses material handling techniques such as manual loading, pallet loads, four wheeled carts, automated loading and the transfer of automatic guided vehicles. See below some VRC material lift applications.


Material Lift Applications and Types of Industry

Material lift applications easily integrates into automated conveyor systems, ASRS systems, and material sortation systems. A well planned Distribution Center can increase capacity, material flow, efficiency, and safety throughout your facility.

The primary objective of a distribution center is to manage and protect inventory and move it safely from point A to point B in the fastest, most efficient means possible. To optimize their DC, more and more owners and operations managers are incorporating our storing, lifting, and guarding products with automated conveyor systems, automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), rack systems, and pick modules.

  • Storage
  • In Plant Offices
  • Observation Towers
  • Parts
  • Work Platform
  • Conveyor Support

Manufacturing or Assembly Plants:

Moving pallets, carts, totes, bins, picking, kitting operations.

C&SS understands the importance of maximizing the capacity and efficiency of your manufacturing facility to help increase your return on investment.

With the increase of global manufacturing competition becoming more and more prevalent this is becoming even more important in order to be competitive.

Material handing is a key component of today’s manufacturing facilities and C&SS has the engineering and manufacturing experience to deliver industry leading products to help you maximize your manufacturing efficiencies.

Our goal and commitment is to design and manufacture a material handling product solution for our customers manufacturing facility that will increase efficiency.

Pharmaceutical or Medical Supply:

Moving materials in process, drums, tanks, and bagged materials. medical supply facility solutions will ensure that the right inventory is there when it’s needed.

You can’t meet customer needs if your distribution center or manufacturing operations are not performing at their peak. More pharmaceutical suppliers are discovering how our material handling solutions can make their operations more efficient and responsive.

With C&SS mezzanines, material lifts (VRCs), and safety guarding products, you will store more, move more, and protect more of what matters to you. Let your C&SS representative help you move more inventory today.


Moving bulky parts and materials in dealership parts rooms. C&SS space efficiency solutions ensure you can keep all the inventory to rev up your profits.

You can’t sell parts unless you can stock them and find them. Strong performance from parts and service programs requires capacity and efficiency in space usage. Get organized with a Storage Mezzanine and Material Lift and watch your sales soar along with your new found space.

  • Dealership Parts Departments
  • Tire Stores
  • Automotive Parts Stores
  • Automotive Manufacturers
  • Distribution Facilities
  • Self Storage Operations
  • Moving tenants’ property to upper-level storage units. Our solutions ensure profits soar right along with the popularity of your rental units.

Your self-storage facility won’t pay dividends if no one wants to rent there. Make sure it’s in demand by keeping customers happy with amenities like ArmorCar™ Carriage with EZ Pro™ Operator Station. Material lifts make moving in and out easy. Satisfied customers mean no vacancies when it comes to self storage.

  • New Multi-Level Self-Storage Facility
  • Retrofit Existing Facility
  • Convert Existing Self-Storage Facility
  • Retail Back Rooms
  • Moving stock, incoming materials, displays, fixtures, etc. Is Your Back room Shrinking? Are You Working Too Hard to Get More Out of Less? Do You Need Better Utilization of Your Available Space?

Our space efficiency solutions ensure that you are never out of what’s in. You can’t sell it if it’s not on the shelf. Maximizing retail sales requires capacity and efficiency in storage and handling so that your inventory is always in-stock, available and complete.

  • Department Stores
  • Discount Stores
  • Variety Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Drug Stores
  • Clothing Retailers
  • Specialty Retailers
  • Home Furnishings Retailers

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