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Mechanical Vertical Lifts

Our variety of mechanical lifts are well suited for multi-level applications that demand faster speeds and high cycle rates. The reliable chain drive lifting system has been designed for the tough duty these applications require and provides long and trouble-free service life.


Mechanical Vertical Lifts

Take a closer look at the standard features we include; you’ll quickly realize that mechanical vertical lifts gives you more. With our electrical design capabilities, we can provide you with a complete customized material lift system that is either manually controlled, controlled by your conveyor controls or is fully automated controlling both the material lift and portions of your conveyor system.

Mechanical VRC

Tough lifting motor sized for continuous duty.

The Benefits of a Mechanical Material Lift:

  • Overload/VRC jam protection
  • Lift capacities from 100 to 30,000 lb
  • Standard platform size up to 12 ft. wide x 30 ft. long
  • Tough lifting motor sized for continuous duty
  • High service factor gearbox
  • Alloy steel drive shaft for durability
  • Dual roller chains (instead of cables) for long service life
  • Quality, brand-name electrical components
  • UL-508A labeled control panel
  • Fabricated by AWS D1.1 Certified Welders
  • Bracing material provided
  • Structural grade fasteners and floor anchors

Standard Mechanical Material Lift

Freestanding models available with optional support structure.
The Benefits of a Mechanical Material Lift:

  • Standard units are designed for “bolt-together” installation (field welding not required)
  • Gate ‘Closed’ and ‘Ready’ indicator lights on control panel
  • Self-diagnostic control system on all multi-level units (more than two stops)
  • Momentary contact ‘Call’ and ‘Send’ control buttons at all accessed floor levels
  • Instantaneous overload protection (fixed setpoint)
  • Broken chain free-fall safety system
  • Standard lifting height up to 150 ft. (other heights available)
  • Standard speed: 28 fpm (feet per minute) – higher speeds available
  • Industrial strength carriage platform to handle heavy point loads
  • Fast-acting brake system for crisp, accurate stops

VRC Options

Variable frequency drive system providing ‘soft-start’ and ‘soft-stop’ to cushion loads

Mechanical VRC Material Lift Options:

  • ‘Standard’ Mechanical Cantilever:
    Lift Capacity up to 5,000 lb
  • ‘High-Load’ Mechanical Cantilever:
    Lift Capacity up to 10,000 lb
  • Platform sizes: Up to 12 ft. wide x 8 ft. long
  • Loading / Unloading:
    “C,” “Z,” or 90-degree loading patterns
  • Allows material movement with the smallest possible equipment footprint
  • May be used where headroom is restricted
  • Provides extra flexibility to maneuver loads
  • Modular multi-level systems
  • Higher speeds
  • Full height enclosures available
  • Single-stop unit can be fully-assembled, tested, and ready to operate

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