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Records Storage High Density

C&SS has been an innovative force in designing high density records box storage & retrieval systems for the information management industry. This section shows different parts of a high density records box storage system.


Records Storage High Density

Archive storage and records storage high density systems are built with high capacity storage racks. These racks can obtain much more dense storage than boltless widespan shelving (used in medium density records storage and also in open shelf file storage systems).

High Density Storage System

The following criteria needs to be addressed when designing high density records box storage systems:

  • Storage volume and warehouse layout: ceiling height, dock doors, exit doors, office area, and column locations? Temporary or permanent location?
  • What are your needs today and tomorrow? What type of storage expansion phasing will meet your needs?
  • Type of storage: record archive boxes, open files, medical files, architectural plans, digital media
  • Storage & retrieval: file management software, shipping & receiving operations, number of employees, order picking carts & ladders, scanners, RFID?
  • Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRC): material elevators, conveyors, stairs to access upper levels, and other equipment involved in storage systems.
  • Sprinkler system: overhead and in-rack sprinklers?
  • Energy efficient lighting: T5, T8, light timers, automatic sensory lighting?

RS Lower Pick Aisle 1 large
multi level catwalk records storage system.

High Density Records Storage Stairs Large
Access stairs and catwalk bar grating.

Records Storage Catwalk 1 large (1)
In-rack sprinklers and solid decking.

Grating Up large
Bar grating for catwalk floors.

Tough lifting motor sized for continuous duty.

Wildeck’s Delta™ mechanical modular material lift is a safe and reliable way to transfer your material from level to level. The Delta VRC offers the lower cost of a hydraulic unit while incorporating the many benefits of a mechanical lift. The Delta ships in large sections and installs in less than a day; which minimizes costs and disruption to your operation. Wildeck’s unique and innovative Delta design provides a VRC that is not only durable and reliable, but extremely easy to maintain. When you look at a Delta VRC, you will notice Wildeck’s quality and many high value features that are designed in from the start.


  • Lift Capacity: 2,200 lb
  • Lifting Speed: 15 fpm (standard) – other speeds available
  • Platform Size: 5 ft. wide x 6 ft. long x 7 ft. high
  • Loading / Unloading: “Z” loading – standard “C” loading available
  • Gates: Single Swing Gate (standard) – other gates available
  • Overload/VRC jam protection
  • Safe, integrated, full-height perimeter guarding
  • Fully-enclosed carriage with galvanized tread plate floor and walls
  • Expanded metal roof
  • Modular construction for fast and easy ‘bolt-together’ installation
  • Fabricated by certified welders
  • Optional galvanized ‘winged’ loading ramp or pit mounted
  • Electric chain drive lift system for long service life
  • Dual roller chains for redundant safety
  • UL-508A labeled control panel
  • Fully pre-wired for ‘plug-and-play’ electrical connection
  • Momentary contact ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ push-button controls
  • Broken/slack chain protection provided by a dual-cam safety system

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