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Western Pacific Storage Solutions RiveTier Battery Rack

RiveTier Battery Rack is the only boltless battery rack on the market.


Western Pacific Storage Solutions RiveTier Battery Rack

RiveTier Battery Rack can be assembled in a matter of minutes without the need for complicated tools. With a carefully designed flow rack, users can achieve a first-in, first-out rotation of products. The lanes are also adjustable to meet a wide range of battery sizes.

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RiveTier: An Industry Leader since 1968

RiveTier has been a trailblazer in the industry since 1968. Before the creation of RiveTier 1, full frame systems were plagued with outdated technology. RiveTier’s first product was an instant favorite with users who found the design more functional and ergonomic than previous models. RiveTier 1 was constructed with metal and lumber with slotted angles and upright parts. This system transformed the industry overnight.

  • Common T-posts serve as an economical solution when a starter or adder system is needed
  • No sway or cross bracing means you’ve got access from all four sides
  • Completely freestanding – no additional support
  • Primary components manufactured from 14 gauge steel
  • Four beam styles handle all capacity requirements

Everything You Need in One Package

RiveTier designers and engineers have gone the extra mile to ensure that users don’t have to suffer under a complicated assembly process. All RiveTier products are sent in a tightly packed and organized bundle that allows for quick and easy assembly. In addition, all RiveTier products can be assembled with only a rubber mallet. There isn’t any need for an entire tool belt with RiveTier’s unique, boltless connections. RiveTier’s Boltless Shelving can be assembled and disassembled within a few minutes.

RiveTier Battery Racking

Greatly Reduce Installation Time with the T-Post from RiveTier III

RiveTier III stands apart from the competition with its simplified assembly process. While other products require the use of independent posts and tie plates, RiveTier’ shelving systems utilize a T-post design to allow for quicker installation. Users can save a lot of time, money, and effort by using RiveTier’s intermediate post. This design is also compatible with products from other manufacturers. However, all of the delivery headaches can be avoided by working with Western Pacific.

Opening Space Affected by Beam Profile

It’s important to note that the different profiles of the shelf beams will result in varying openings between each shelf level. Users should calculate their required amount of open space before deciding on a shelf beam profile.


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