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Our WireCrafters technician locker works across multiple industries. Some include cable, trucking, plumbing, HVAC and electrical companies; distribution and automobile centers; and factories.



Technician Locker Systems

In addition to other locker varieties, WireCrafters makes a technician locker system, also known as distribution of mechanic lockers. Technicians and drivers, as examples, often use a technician locker when working in a controlled-environment facility. When using this option, workers have access to their tools and parts upon arrival. No one else has access to that locker.

Technician Locker System Brochure

What sets this option apart from others is that workers have their tools, items and other parts available and waiting upon arrival — no one else has access to the items but the designated person.

Padlocks offer workers the easiest way to retrieve their belongings. However, our company offers a full range of other locking systems, including keycards, biometrics and keypads. If you require another method, we encourage you to reach out to WireCrafters to discuss additional options.

While intended workers access their items only, a supervisor or manager has the ability to pack all lockers from behind our caged system. All tools and other objects remain separated and secluded from the technician side. This means employees only have the option of getting their own tools and parts. They will not have the ability to access anything that does not belong to them. A technician locker has an added bonus of inventory tracking. A manager will know if workers returned the correct items at the end of the workday.

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Distribution Lockers Serve Many Industries

A technician locker works across multiple industries. Some include cable, trucking, plumbing, HVAC and electrical companies; distribution and automobile centers; and factories.

Keep Things Organized

These lockers function as a well-designed and secure organization method. They help with inventory control. Additionally, using technician lockers means that all desired tools and objects are kept apart and organized in a way that suits the needs of the environment. Staff members have safe and efficient contact with what they need to successfully carry out their job duties and nothing else.

Kinds of Lock Options

Typically, the most efficient way to gain access to needed tools and items is with a padlock. However, other options exist – WireCrafters also offers keypads, keycards and biometrics. All of these options restrict access to other lockers, ensuring staff members may only retrieve and store their own belongings. If you require another method, reach out to our company to discuss other custom lock options.

Design Features for Supervisors

Parts managers and floor supervisors gain access to all technician lockers from behind them. This is how you will retrieve and sort through each employee’s tools. From there, you provide only what they need to perform their work each day.

Locker Features at a Glance

  • These lockers safely and securely divide each technician’s tools. They can easily claim their own items and nothing else.
  • Team leads, managers or supervisors have the ability to access all lockers from behind. All you need to do is sort and provide the tools, parts and items you want each employee to have for the day.
  • Use a padlock or one of our other options like a keycard to protect each locker. If you desire added security, contact WireCrafters to discuss additional custom lock options. All methods will ensure the desired result that workers only gain entry into their lockers and no one else’s locker.
  • These lockers, ideal for controlled environments, means that drivers, technicians and other employees have their parts, tools and any other items available when they arrive for the day. This allows them to dive right into their duties because a supervisor or a team lead already sorted and provided what they needed for the day.

Additional System Components:

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