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Western Pacific Storage Solutions Pacific Shelving Closed Units

The Western Pacific Storage Solutions Pacific Shelving Closed Units are designed similar to the open units but with an added side and back enclosing panels made from metal.


Western Pacific Storage Solutions Pacific Shelving Closed Units

There’s nothing more damaging or frustrating to the smooth operation of a company than disorganization. Whether you have to work around obstacles or constantly look for items, this lack of organization can have a detrimental impact on the success of your operations. Many companies accept a certain level of chaos and excuse the inconvenience as the price of running a business. There is no reason that a company of any size should have to suffer under sheer disorganization. Pacific Shelving Closed Units help to boost an area’s organization by focusing on containment and cleanliness.

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These systems are designed similar to the open units but with an added side and back enclosing panels made from metal. The durable and rigid structure of these units is ideal when storage continuity and containment are key goals in your operation. The clean appearance and sleek design of the Pacific Shelving Closed Units make them ideal for use anywhere in the office. These units can even be customized with a client’s personalized end panel surface in order to match the decor of the office.

Pacific Shelving Closed Units

Shelving System Growth

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All of our systems and units have been designed to grow in unison with your company. The talented members of our engineering and design teams have worked tirelessly to create products that serve a useful function in your organization. It’s not enough for us to create something that sells. At Pacific Shelving, we want to create something meaningful that lasts. We invest in worthwhile solutions to help companies focus more on their growth and less on their workflow. We have the expertise and tools to create a bespoke system to meet the exact needs of your company. Our team is even willing to match your budget.

We have a long history of meeting industry requirements while exceeding industry expectations. All of our designs have been approved by UBC/BOCA and OSHA. We use industry-leading testing to ensure that our products are up to the challenge of rigorous and continuous use. We invest in state-of-the-art technology to bring our concepts into reality. The team at Pacific Shelving also offers a quality and satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with our products, we will gladly resolve the issue as promptly as possible.

Calculating the Height of the Post

In order to calculate the correct post height, start by measuring the space in between adjacent center points. This will help to determine the minimum vertical opening for each shelf. After you have this measurement, add an extra 1.25-inches for the shelf profile. You can round up to the nearest 1.5-inch measurement if necessary. To calculate the minimum height of the post, multiply the number of shelves by the distance between each center point. It’s important to add 4-inches to accommodate the opening of the bottom shelf.

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