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Long Span Shelving is the ideal solution when a robust, high capacity shelving system is required. These racks provide a heavy duty, functional, and cost effective solution to your storage problems. From industrial to retail storage, Long Span Shelving can hold it all.


Long Span Shelving

RiveTier offers Low Profile and RiveTier Long Span Metal Shelving solutions for industrial uses. Our mix and match shelving systems can integrate easily with other Low-Profile units. Here are a few key features of our industrial-grade shelving systems.

RiveTier Boltless Shelving Brochure

RiveTier III Brochure

RiveTier Low Profile

  • Reaches up to 8 feet in length allow for unobstructed access from all angles
  • Each shelf can around 1,400 pounds
  • Stretches to 21 feet in height without any splicing
  • An optional 24-foot platform for mezzanine applications
  • Double your space for storage
  • Bespoke engineering to your specifications
  • Easy integration with other Low-Profile systems

rivetier III

RiveTier: RiveTier 1 was released in 1968 as an alternative and replacement for the standard frame systems that dominated the market at the time. Unlike competing products, RiveTier boasted a stylish and robust design with lumber and metal materials. These units featured slotted angles, sturdy parts, and more exciting features. Here are a few reasons why RiveTier is still ahead of the competition.

  • Always setting trends and being copied by competitors
  • Standard T-posts offer an affordable and practical solution when adder or starter systems are needed
  • Unobstructed access from every angle with no cross bracing or sway
  • No extra support required, entirely freestanding
  • All main parts comprised of 14 gauge steel
  • Four different beam styles to handle all capacity needs

RiveTier 2 Tire Rack

It’s easy to get started. Everything needed for full assembly is shipped in one bundle. With the RiveTier long span simple connections, you’ll be able to assemble the unit in no time. There is no need for messing with screws, bolts, or any expensive pieces of equipment. You’ll only need a rubber mallet. Within a few minutes, the RiveTier shelving system will be ready to go.

T-Post Greatly Reduces Assembly Time

The all-new T-post design of the RiveTier III greatly reduces the time needed to assemble this shelving system. Instead of messing with two different LURH posts and complicated tie plates, consider switching to the RiveTier III’s new post design. You’ll end up saving more money and time in the long run.

Vertical Clearings

It’s important to note that the shelf beam’s profile will interrupt the opening the exists between each shelf level.


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