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RiveTier Low profile shelving is a dynamic and versatile style of organization that can be used for a wide range of applications such as with mezzanine and mobile systems.


RiveTier Low Profile

RiveTier Low Profile shelving offers the same profile and functionality as metal shelves at a more affordable cost. Although metal shelving systems may be an instinctive choice for many buyers, a closer inspection at low profile shelving will reveal the inherent similarities. Low profile options offer an impressive level of flexibility and versatility that makes them a great choice for many different functions. Whether you’re using a mobile or work platform, these shelving systems will meet your needs. Here are some impressive characteristics of these shelves.

RiveTier Boltless Shelving Brochure

RiveTier III Brochure


  • Stretches to reach 4′ of width
  • Each shelf can hold up to 350 pounds
  • Shelf edges are concealed for a sleeker appearance
  • Quick assembly without any need for special equipment or tools
  • Shelves are easy and quick to adjust
  • Access shelves from all four sides
  • Extra units are easy to add for more depth
  • Low-cost versions are more affordable than metal options

RiveTier Low Profile Boltless

RiveTier: RiveTier 1 was offered as an affordable replacement for the frame systems which had become popular in the market. Since 1968, this system has been designed with heavy-duty parts throughout and strategic angles for design and efficiency. With a lumber and metal structure, these units were ready to take on the industry.

  • Always setting the trends and still used by many
  • T-posts offer support and strength when adder or starter system is required
  • Lack of cross or sway bracing allows for unobstructed access from any angle
  • No unnecessary support
  • Main components produced with 14 gauge steel
  • Four different beam solutions that all handle well

RiveTier Long Span

It’s Never Been Easier to get Started

  • Everything required to assemble the unit is shipped in a convenient fashion
  • RiveTier products are designed with connections that don’t require any bolts or screws to allow for easy and quick assembly. You only need a rubber mallet
  • Within minutes, RiveTier’s boltless shelving units are ready to be used

T-post Greatly Reduces Installation Prep

With the new RiveTier III, the T-post has been redesigned to offer a quicker installation. Users don’t have to worry about assembling two different LURH posts with complicated tie plates. The all-new T-post has made these components obsolete. Stop wasting time with older products that take too much time to assemble. The quickest and simplest solution has already arrived.


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