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Western Pacific Storage Solutions RiveTier Workstation

RiveTier Workstations and shelving solutions are now available for purchase in a variety of different configurations. Whether your company needs benches, tables, or a more elaborate work station, RiveTier systems have the answer.


RiveTier Assembly Stations, or Workstations

Companies can easily improve their workflow and productivity with a RiveTier Workstation solution that is specifically designed to meet their requirements. Our shelving and storage solutions are perfect for maintenance tables, assembly benches, quality-control areas, tech stations, shipping/mailing centers, and more.

When accompanied by the RiveTier or QuikPik flow racks, these workspaces can be set up in minutes. RiveTier has designed these work stations to integrate a workbench and shelving unit into one work area. Here are some advantages that customers will enjoy form this system.

RiveTier Boltless Shelving Brochure

RiveTier III Brochure

  • Functional and practical construction and design for maximum comfort
  • Affordable alternative to more expensive workstations
  • Many different work surfaces to fit varying needs and functions
  • Workstations can be grounded electrically to offer a stress-free work environment
  • Lower shelving can easily be added to maximize storage space
  • Individual parts are completely interchangeable for different configurations

RiveTier Boltless Shelving Workstation

RiveTier: RiveTier 1 was revealed in 1968 as an alternative to the frame systems that had become the norm. These new systems were designed with heavy-duty parts and slotted angles for maximum efficiency. The RiveTier 1 was built with lumber and metal, unlike many competing models. Here are some reasons that RiveTier has remained at the forefront of the competition:

  • Always ahead of the other competitors in the industry
  • T-posts offer an economical and practical solution for adder and starter systems
  • No cross bracing or sway for maximum sturdiness
  • Unobstructed access from all angles and sides
  • No external support needed
  • All main components built from 14-gauge steel
  • Four different beam styles for varying capacity needs

Quick and Easy Installation

Everything is delivered in a compact and organized bundle that makes for quick and easy assembly. With RiveTier’s easy connections, these units can be installed without any complex machinery or tools. You’ll only need a rubber mallet. Within a few minutes, the entire system will be ready to go.

Shorter Installation Time with RiveTier III’s T-Post

Most competing designs require the installation of two LURH posts and difficult tie plates. The RiveTIer III includes the all-new T-post that makes for a much quicker and easier assembly process. You can save a lot of money, time, and stress with these intermediate posts.


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