Mezzanine Installation

Our (OSHA) certified installation crews are experienced and insured. Most storage mezzanine components can be assembled quickly, and in many cases may be installed in only a few days. Installation for large or complex mezzanines (concrete decking, modular offices) may require several weeks. Fast mezzanine installations usually results in less downtime and fewer interruptions in daily operation productivity.

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    Mezzanines Installation under OSHA requirements

    Two men in scissors lifts will attach all columns, beams and joists always under supervision of a competent person.

    To learn more about our latest mezzanine project, please visit our case studies mezzanine page which shows important aspects about time frame and safety on the installation process.

    Special Fabrications for Mezzanines

    ABC Welding large
    Mezzanine installation by insured installers.

    Special fabrication is sometimes required for complex mezzanine systems, requiring an experienced material handling installation crew. Our ability to design and build custom storage mezzanines is unmatched in our industry.

    Custom Designed Mezzanine Projects

    Project management and schedule coordination.

    This custom designed storage mezzanine required multiple contractors to complete, including concrete, electrical and plumbing. C&SS assisted throughout this project providing application engineering, designing, space planning, and the mezzanine permits.

    Installing Mezzanine Floors with Decking Material

    Experienced mezzanine installation crews.

    We have tons of experience installing and creating mezzanine floor space using various mezzanine decking materials such as tongue and groove, sturdier floor, metal b-decking, steel bar grating, and concrete.

    Required Equipment for Mezzanine Installations

    Scissors lift and forklift.
    In most cases, a scissors lift and a forklift are required to complete the mezzanine installation. While stairs provide access to the upper floors, mezzanine gates and rails ensure proper fall protection.

    Structural Mezzanines

    Structural beams used to create the mezzanine floor.

    Structural steel beams are used for heavy duty storage in mezzanine platforms. Structural steel is used to create large clear spans, and offer the greatest load capacities. For lighter duty storage, rack supported mezzanines are an option They are built from new and used pallet racks, and other materials.

    Installation of Mezzanine Stairs

    Staircase for storage mezzanine.

    The placement of the mezzanine stairs depends on the overall layout design, with consideration of building column and door locations. Smaller mezzanines are usually efficient with one set of stairs. Multiple stairs can be used in larger mezzanines to increase productivity, or to meet fire exit building codes.