Moving Pallet Rack Systems

Moving pallet racks is one of the most common needs in our industry. Our experienced team of installers and drivers work safe and efficient to get the job completed on time. While helping the customer experience as little down-time as possible.

  • Layout and design to evaluate optimum use of new storage area and possible increase of pallet positions.
  • Teardown and transportation of racking system.
  • Professional material handling installation.

We Move Pallet Racks

C&SS have several years experience in moving pallet rack systems.

In many cases we will move your existing pallet racks into your new facility without any changes. When we evaluate your new storage space and material handling needs, we may find that your old warehouse pallet racks are not going to take full advantage of the new space without making some adjustments.

Packaging Pallet Rack Beams

Proper packaging techniques on pallet rack step beams.

Our installers and truckers have experience with moving pallet rack systems, and almost any other type of storage system, to other facility and locations throughout California.

Packaging Pallet Rack Frames

Staged area for pallet rack frames on a warehouse jobsite.

Several bundles of pallet rack frames after initial teardown process. Scope of work includes moving existing storage system and material handling equipment only, not inventory. Package, prepare, and ship to the new warehouse or location.

Design Build Warehouse

We are experienced with packaging pallet rack beams.
When moving pallet rack and other storage systems, we have found that this is a great time to re-evaluate the customer’s current material handling needs. We will assist you with design build warehouse rack, shelving, and mezzanine in California.

Project Management

Custom security cages catwalk system.
If more material are needed, our project management team will provide a layout & design of your warehouse. After approved, the drawings will become installation maps for our installers.

Custom Rack Design

Custom security cages catwalk system.
Your project may required AutoCAD drawings illustrating the most efficient use of the new space for your specific storage requirements. We design custom racks in order to maximize existing space and avoid relocate.

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