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Nationwide Warehouse Expansion Delivers Peak Performance


Nationwide Warehouse Expansion Delivers Peak Performance

1. Project Overview

C&SS delivered creative design-build and space planning solutions that helped leading residential solar company Sunrun achieve massive growth in 36 months across 40+ warehouse locations in 14 states nationwide.

2. Customer Description

Sunrun is the largest dedicated residential solar company in the United States with a mission to create a planet run by the sun. Since establishing the solar as a service model in 2007, Sunrun continues to lead the industry in providing clean energy to homeowners with little to no upfront cost and at a savings to traditional electricity. The company designs, installs, finances, insures, monitors and maintains the solar panels on a homeowner’s roof, while families receive predictable pricing for 20 years or more.

3. Project Scope

With a rapidly increasing consumer demand for home solar solutions, Sunrun turned to Conveyor & Storage Solutions to execute a large-scale “brick and mortar” facility expansion spanning 40+ warehouse locations across 14 states nationwide. Sunrun’s primary objective was to implement an effective nationwide delivery and installation system that minimized costs while achieving installation projections with sustained year-over-year growth.

4. Custom Solution

Conveyor & Storage Solutions partnered with Sunrun to identify nationwide warehouse facilities with optimal space utilization. C&SS provided strategic consultation and analysis to support Sunrun’s lease negotiations by evaluating storage capacity and operation capability of unoccupied potential warehouse buildings in each new market. C&SS examined building details including overhead clearances, sprinkler system design, fire access door and egress requirements, disability-related accessibility requirements, and any other potential challenges that would lead to delayed tenant occupancy or incur additional costs.

Conveyor & Storage Solutions collaborated with Sunrun to custom design-build facility locations to maximize efficiency, productivity and profitability. The lead time for a custom system typically ranges from eight to 14 weeks. In most cases, Sunrun required delivery and installation in under four weeks. C&SS provided innovative design-build solutions and successfully achieved aggressive delivery and installation lead times to meet Sunrun’s objectives.

Conveyor & Storage Solutions provided strategic space planning and storage rack design to maximize Sunrun’s storage rack capacity, improve operational efficiency and assure code compliance. The C&SS in-house design team specialists evaluated and identified maximum storage rack capacity and operation capabilities for Sunrun using computer aided drafting (CAD) software. C&SS integrated a variety of material handling systems including high-bay pallet racks, cantilever racks, dynamic carton flow racks, wire mesh partition security cages and industrial steel shelving. With a strong commitment to safety and compliance, C&SS assured that all design and space planning solutions adhered to requirements and regulations for building codes, fire protection for high piled storage and seismic engineering.

Conveyor & Storage Solutions dramatically reduced installation lead time with an innovative approach to stocking rack inventory. C&SS leveraged long-term relationships with a coast-to-coast network of leading national manufacturers, suppliers, and partners to provide a cost-efficient solution for stocking rack inventory materials. As a direct result of this strategic inventory storage solution, C&SS successfully facilitated Sunrun’s ambitious delivery and installation projections while saving an average of 10 weeks of lead time per warehouse.

5. Outcomes

Conveyor & Storage Solutions delivered a state-of-the-art nationwide distribution operation that successfully supported Sunrun in achieving long-term growth objectives, reducing costs, and delivering a high quality customer experience. An overview of positive outcomes includes:

  • 40+ warehouse expansion locations across 14 states nationwide
  • Achieved approximately 400,000 square feet of warehouse space expansion
  • Saved 10 weeks of lead time per facility as a direct result of stocking inventory solution
  • Averaged three-day installation time for all brick and mortar building locations
  • Supported Sunrun in achieving over monumental market growth in 36 months
6. The C&SS Difference

“Partnering with C&SS is like having an expert design team in-house. Together we have developed a standard warehouse model from which the C&SS team is able to design a custom solution per site location, all while driving consistency and standardization across Sunrun’s Warehouse Operations. Throughout our rapid growth trajectory this partnership has enabled us to launch new markets in record time with C&SS executing with both precision and professionalism. I could not be more impressed with their ability to produce high-quality work in record time. C&SS’s customer service and expertise is unmatched in the industry”

– Zac Beres, Sunrun Director of Supply Chain

Throughout this project, Conveyor & Storage Solutions demonstrated a commitment to customer-driven solutions with strong service delivery in the following areas:

  • Anticipation of Customer Needs
  • Rapid Response
  • Expert Consultation and Building Analysis
  • Strategic Partnership to Support Long-Term Growth

Partnering with C&SS is like having an expert design team in-house. Together we have developed a standard warehouse model from which the C&SS team is able to design a custom solution per site location, all while driving consistency and standardization across Sunrun’s Warehouse Operations.

– Zac Beres, Sunrun Director of Supply Chain


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Warehouse Space Planning and Storage Rack Design
Building Consultation and Analysis
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