Portfolio | Submitted by: Kurt Winbigler
Designed by: Kurt Winbigler
Installers: Jarrod Faul, Jeremy Keith, and Maui Ledesma

Skateboard Retailer Maximizes Space with Boltless Shelving

Arbor Collective | Pacific Beach, CA


Project Overview:

C&SS delivered a creative custom tailored Boltless Shelving solution that not only maximized storage space but allowed employees the most efficient access to Snowboards, Skateboards and other merchandise. On average, boltless steel shelving costs 30-40% less to install than bolted shelving because it takes much less time to put together.


Boltless Shelving Make It Quick and Easy to Assemble

Located right by the Crystal Pier in the heart of Pacific Beach, Arbor Collective San Diego is a full-service Skateboard and Snowboard shop. In business for over 25 years, the company develops snowboards, skateboards, and bamboo clothing out of environmentally friendly natural materials. There is something in the skateboard line for riders of all types, with shapes and sizes to advanced riders or first-timers! Arbor has recently started to offer an entire line of bamboo-based apparel that is sustainably grown and offers comfort, breathability, performance, and style.


Steel Shelving to Secure Snowboards, Skateboards, and Clothing

As snow and skateboarding have continued to grow in popularity, so too has the demand for the essential gear that makes it possible. As a well-established and highly regarded manufacturer of these products, Arbor does everything it can to keep up with the demand.. Arbor’s vision and goal was to maximize inventory storage space in their flagship store while providing better accessibility of products and materials for their employees. Arbor Collective sought out the density experts at Conveyor & Storage Solutions to make this vision a reality.

C&SS designed and installed a boltless Shelving System that took full advantage of Arbor SD’s inventory storage room, maximizing capacity while keeping all material easy to organize. Accommodations were also made for a board assembly workbench to be integrated into the system.


Industrial Shelving Weight Capacity Up to 1400 Pounds Per Shelf

Boltless Shelving Systems maximizes existing square footage and providing the following:

• No sway or cross bracing means you’ve got access from all four sides

• The shelving is completely freestanding with no additional support needed

• Steel shelving is manufactured from 14 gauge steel

• Tailored beam style to handle all requested capacity requirements


Boltless Steel Shelving Pictures