Portfolio | Submitted by: Jeremy Keith
Designed by: Josh Elgan
Installers: Jeremy Keith, Jarrod Faul, and Maui Ledesma

Tenant Storage Lockers, Perfect Solution for Luxury Apartments

Broadway Apartments | San Diego, CA


Project Overview:

Conveyor & Storage Solutions, Inc. understands that property owners and managers, adequate storage is critical. This is particularly true if the property is occupied by tenants. These tenant storage lockers are much safer and give the area a more professional appearance.


Tenant Storage Lockers Made of All-Steel Welded Wire

Broadway Apartments is within the Golden Hill’s area and is one of San Diego's oldest neighborhoods, located directly east of Downtown. The Downtown skyline, Coronado Island, and the Pacific Ocean are all visible from this property. Balboa Park, located just to the north, provides locals with a variety of sports and cultural opportunities. Broadway Apartments saw that Tenant Storage Lockers were a great way to keep their tenants' possessions safe.


Eliminate Clutter with Tenant Storage Lockers

Conveyor and Storage Solutions, Inc. installation team was able to deliver 1st class service to Broadway Apartments, a Luxurious 3-Story Building 34 Multi-Family Dwelling Complex. The installation team made up of Jeremy Keith and Jarrod Faul were able to quickly problem solve and customize the parking garage height by performing a cut to the top ceiling which had differed from the initial specified architectural height.

Despite the parking structures low ceiling, C&SS was able to successfully mount the tenant wire lockers with the assistance of hand cranked lifts. The result was a beautiful secure storage area for tenants that also allowed vehicles to park freely. This project can easily be summed up as said by Jeremy Keith, “Small space requires innovative solutions to optimize accessible storage.”


Secure Resident's Personal Items with Storage Lockers

Broadway Apartments obtained a cost-effective solution from Conveyor & Storage Solutions:

• All Steel Welded Wire Tenant Storage Lockers

• Ideal Way to Secure Resident's Personal Items in Multi-Family Building

• Welded Mesh Locker Construction Is Strong and Secure

• Lockers Are Made Of 10 Gauge Wire in A 2" X 2" Square Welded Wire Mesh


Tenant Storage Lockers Pictures