Portfolio | Submitted by: Larry Gonzalez
Designed by: Larry Gonzalez
Installers: Jarrod Faul & Maui Ledesma

Wire Partition Fence Dividing Warehouse for Sublease

Nhat Minh, LLC | Cypress, CA


Project Overview:

The WireCrafters made wire partitions were used to subdivide a warehouse / building area in half for an incoming sublease tenant. Subleasing is common in many countries in Asia and growing trend for many small and medium size business in the USA.

Larry was extremely helpful throughout the process. I was contemplating between having a chainlink fence or the wire fence from C&SS as partition for my warehouse. After much consideration for the value and the long term investment, we decided to go with C&SS. The final result was amazing. Really impressed and would definitely recommend them to anyone.
– June Nguyen | Nhat Minh, LLC


E-Commerce Distribution Company

Nhat Minh, LLC specializes in e-commerce order fulfillment and distribution. Also, with this business model it allows individuals buy things over the internet.


Secured Area with Custom Built Secure Fence

Design and Custom Built secure fence separating warehouse in half for an additional 2 tenant occupancy. The fence is approximately 10.5ft tall heavy duty wire design that serves to keep people out and inventory is safely secured within designated areas. This particular wire partition was made by Wirecrafters and features a 2” x 1” grid patten design with heavy duty woven wire pattern. The wire is 12 gauge designed and optimal for security, separation, and safety.


High Fence Wire Partition Security

Conveyor & Storage Solutions provided Nhat Minh, LLC with an effective solution they were looking:

• Clear visibility 10.5ft high fence wire partition.

• 2” x 1” woven 10 Gauge wire design panels.

• Clean and efficient design for warehouse subdivision.

• Grey color paint finish – standard (other color available – Black, Safety Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, White, Tan)

• 1-Year Limited Warranty


Secure Fence Wire Partitions Pictures