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Bluff Keg Flow Racks

This state-of-the-art, keg-flow attachment was designed to be placed inside your existing pallet rack system. It will work either with roll formed style or structural style beams. Our Keg Flow system will give you more pick faces and storage density than any traditional keg storage method.



Bluff Keg Flow Racks

The unparalleled success of the Bluff keg flow racks come from flexibility of storage depth, ease of use, and improved picking flow. This flexible system works with most volumes of keg movement, is easy to install, and extremely durable. Virtually maintenance free.

  • Depths ranging from 42″ to 120″ work with almost any size of keg vault
  • Works with most existing rack systems.
  • Easy to install, requires no welding
  • Creates more keg storage space in less warehouse space
  • Shorter depths allow for front loading
  • Great product rotation allows for less strenuous unloading options
  • Creates better product flow, faster picking and increased organization

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