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Furniture Storage in Rack

DACS Punch Deck® Plus

What kind of rack deck works best for furniture storage? Punch Deck® Plus is great for furniture and satisfies 50% open shelving for Fire Code requirements.


Furniture Storage in Rack

Furniture storage in rack can be especially challenging when dealing with different product characteristics such as shapes, sizes and commodities. Punch Deck, along with its counterpart Punch Deck® Plus, provide a great solution for storing furniture inside of warehouse racks where sprinklers are present. While solid shelving offers a smooth surface, it may not meet Fire Code. In case of a fire, Punch Deck’s 50% open design allows for water penetration from the overhead or in-rack sprinkler system. This product is offered in a wide range of rack shelf sizes and is perfect for storing items with legs such as furniture, equipment with wheels, and point-load objects. This product is easy to install and has a beautiful finish that requires little maintenance.

Furniture Commodity Classification for High Piled Storage

Furniture commodities of wood, natural fiber, upholstered, and non-plastic are typically Class III commodity. Class III furniture consists of wood, paper, natural fiber cloth, Group C plastics or similar products, with or without pallets. As per the California Fire Code, products can contain limited amounts of Group A or B plastics, such as wood or metal furniture with plastic-padded and covered armrests. On the other hand, plastic upholstered furniture, as well as wood or metal furniture with plastic covering and padding are typically considered Class IV commodity. C&SS is a design-build contractor specializing in innovative warehouse solutions, creating significant ROI and customer value. We have 20+ years’ experience with Building & Fire codes. Contact one of our expert account managers for more information regarding your flue space.

Punch Deck® Plus is a product that is manufactured and designed specifically to be used in conjunction with DACS’ Punch Deck®. Combined, they form a great alternative to solid decks.

Punch Deck® Load Tables

English – Rack Depth – lb/sq. ft.
36″ 42″ 48″ 50″ 54″ 60″ 66″ 72″
Punch Deck® 101 200 135 91 80 64
Punch Deck® 201 225 194 130 115 91 70 50
Punch Deck® 301 250 200 178 158 125 92 70 50
Metric – Rack Depth – kg/sq. m.
915mm 1065 1220 1270 1370 1525 1676 1830
Punch Deck® 101 978 660 445 391 313
Punch Deck® 201 1100 949 636 562 445 342 245
Punch Deck® 301 1223 978 870 773 611 450 342 245
Available Widths

Combine To Achieve Desired Rack Shelf Coverage.

96″ = 2@30″ + 1@36″
108″ – 3@36″
144″ = 4@36″

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