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NAWL Cantilever Rack 6

NAWL Structural

North American Wholesale Logistics’ Spectrum brand cantilever rack is an all structural I-Beam design.


NAWL Spectrum Cantilever Rack

This rugged rack is available in 12 foot high and 16 foot high columns, with single-sided and double-sided options. We stock 36" and 48" long arms, both standard duty and heavy duty. Materials can be ready to pick up or deliver in as little as 24 hours.

  • All structural I-Beam design
  • All components painted blue
  • Arms on 4 degree slant
  • 12’ High column capacity* 12,000 lbs / side
  • 16’ High column capacity* 10,000 lbs / side
  • Note that capacities listed are published by manufacturer and do not reflect seismic zone usage

Four different horizontal cross-bracing widths are available, including 4’ wide, 5’ wide, 6’ wide and 8’ wide configurations.

  • For 8’ long product, we recommend 4’ wide brace kits
  • For 10’ long product, we recommend 5’ wide brace kits
  • For 12’ long product, we recommend 6’ wide brace kits, or two 4’ wide brace kits, when the product needs to be supported by 3 arms, due to weight limitations and/or type of product being stored.
  • For 16’ long product, we recommend 8’ wide brace kits
  • For larger projects and custom applications, we recommend our Hannibal structural cantilever rack. Hannibal cantilever rack is manufactured in Vernon, CA (Southern California).

Single Sided Structural Cantilever Rack with 36" Arms

Two columns, three levels, single-sided cantilever rack.

Single Sided Structural Cantilever Rack with 48" Arms

Four columns, eight levels, single-sided cantilever rack.

Rigid Bolted Cantilever Connections

Bolt-in cantilever rack connections example.

I-Beam Cantilever Rack

Three columns, eight levels, double-sided cantilever rack

Cantilever Rack Design

Three columns, three levels, single-sided cantilever rack

Quick Ship (In-Stock Cantilever Rack)

Warehouse area dedicated for cantilever storage system.

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Weight375.04 lbs