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Pallet Support Bars

Pallet supports bars are designed to connect over the pallet rack step beam of a pallet rack system to support the bottom of load and reinforce the system as a whole. They can be either flanged or waterfall style. Our friendly staff can help you with the different types.


Pallet Rack Heavy Duty Crossbars

The amount of pallet support bars to be used for each pallet load will depend on the weight of the loads and size of your pallet rack system. Although teardrop style pallet racks does not require hardware on its assembly, it is recommended the use of Tek screws to locked crossbars in place.

Galvanized Pallet Bars 42″ Long with Waterfall Edges

Pallet bars will help secure wood pallets in place.

Support Bars for Mecalux Step Beams


World XBar Pallet Support Crossbars

Metal support bars can be an option besides wire mesh decks.

Use our high strength support bars when the full coverage benefits or versatility of wire deck isn’t required. Support Bars, metal support bars, pallet supports are a perfect option for full-pallet loading applications and create a significant increase in safety from broken or misplaced pallets.

Pallet Support Bar for Slotted Beams

Support bars are 38″ long in order to fit a 42″ deep frame.
Formed metal support bars locks in place with metal tab fitting inside slotted beam. If your pallets overhang, this product may be a better option. This product was recently acquired on a fixed asset recovery project.

Pallet Supports

This is an alternative to wire decks for pallet rack systems.

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