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Punch Deck Shelving

Punch Deck shelving provides a uniform flat storage surface and allows penetration of air, light and sprinkler water for compliance with the latest fire safety standards.


Features of Punch Deck Shelving:

Punch Deck Shelving is especially suited for archive storage, bulk storage, retail point-of-purchase, furniture, carpeting, boxed items and bagged goods.

  • Fire Protection – 50% open area Punch Deck is designed to conform to current fire codes and standards.
  • Smooth, Box Friendly Surface – Hand stacked boxes slide on and off easily with no damage. Punch Deck shelving has no protrusions to catch box surfaces.
  • Uniform Strength – Punch Deck is uniformly strong across the entire surface. Punch Deck has smaller punch deck openings than most wire decks, yet still allows for plenty of air flow and light penetration.
  • Extra Secure – Punch Deck fastens to the step beam with tech screws, assuring that no dislodgment of punch deck decks can occur. Improperly placed pallets will not fall through the rack system.
  • No Waterfall Edge – Punch Deck is flush with the top of the step beam, allowing for easy labeling on punch deck the face of the beam.
  • Attractive Look – Bright, galvanized finish gives your warehouse a sleek, hi-tech look that is easy to maintain. Punch Deck can also be powder-coated in a wide variety of colors.
  • Lower Shipping Costs – Up to 3 times more square footage of Punch Deck can be shipped on a single punch deck truck than standard wire decks.
  • 3 Thickness – Meets any loading requirement.
  • Competitive Pricing – Punch Deck is priced competitively to similar products.

Archive Rack Shelf

Archive rack shelf is especially important for properly storing boxes on your racks. The large 50% openings meet Fire Code for non-solid decking. DACS’ Punch Deck® fits many common rack sizes and provides a wonderful solution because it also allows for sprinkler water to travel through the deck to lower shelf levels. The product’s smooth top surface reduces hang-ups that can cause damage to the bottom of your boxes. Its approachable, ergonomic design is made for hand stacking boxes to slide on and off easily without tearing. Punch Deck provides expanded strength across the entire shelf and minimize local surface distortions. The Punch Deck is evenly flush with the top of the pallet rack step beam allowing for easy labeling and bar coding on the face of the beam. The vivid galvanized finish gives your warehouse an amazingly sleek look that is easy to clean and maintain. Most industry standard sizes are available for fast turnaround times and quick shipments.

Typical Punch Deck® Applications

  • Office Records
  • Records Storage and Archive Storage
  • Furniture for both pallet and cantilever rack
  • Mattresses
  • Carpeting and Flooring
  • Garments
  • Small Boxes
  • Rolled Fabrics and Cloth
  • Building Components
  • Auto Parts
  • Bagged Goods

DACS Punch Deck® Load Tables

English – Rack Depth – lb/sq. ft.
36″ 42″ 48″ 50″ 54″ 60″ 66″ 72″
Punch Deck® 101 200 135 91 80 64
Punch Deck® 201 225 194 130 115 91 70 50
Punch Deck® 301 250 200 178 158 125 92 70 50
Metric – Rack Depth – kg/sq. m.
915mm 1065 1220 1270 1370 1525 1676 1830
Punch Deck® 101 978 660 445 391 313
Punch Deck® 201 1100 949 636 562 445 342 245
Punch Deck® 301 1223 978 870 773 611 450 342 245
Available Widths

Combine To Achieve Desired Rack Shelf Coverage.

96″ = 2@30″ + 1@36″
108″ – 3@36″
144″ = 4@36″

Extra Secure and Smooth Surface.

Punchdeck suited for archive storage, bulk storage, retail point-of-purchase, furniture, carpeting, boxed items and bagged goods.

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