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Structural Rack and Fire Safety

DACS Fluekeeper® HD Structural

Fluekeeper® HD Structural is used to maintain the transverse flue space between the pallet and the structural upright. A clear flue space helps comply with Fire Code while also providing enough clearance for your sprinkler system to operate as intended.


Structural Rack and Fire Safety

There are many safety products available for your structural pallet racks. The Fluekeeper® HD Structural installs next to the upright and help maintain the transverse flue space. The device allows for installing on both sides of the upright creating an even greater flue opening. The flue, required by Fire Code, provides additional safety measures by allowing the heat to travel vertically so the overhead sprinkler system can function correctly. The product’s heavy duty tube construction is designed to work with pallet loading by forklift operation. The flue keeper is made for 42” frames and 48” frames, but they are also available for custom size frame depths. The rigid connectors are available for all major structural rack brands and are for single or double post uprights.

Because the connection to the upright is secured with hardware, the Fluekeeper® HD Structural is made to work only with structural pallet rack. For teardrop style and other standard roll formed pallet racks, visit our visit our Fluekeeper® HD page and learn more about other products designed to protect your assets.

Fluekeeper® HD Structural Installation

The spring-loaded product is installed onto the side of the structural rack uprights. While installation is simple for maintenance personnel, it also requires no special tools or skills. Standard hardware is used to bolt the front and back connections making it possible to install without removing any products. For installation, first install Rear Clip on Inner Tube. Then, join the Front Clip on Outer Tube. Next, insert Inner Tube into Outer Tube and Rear Clip into post holes. After that, compress Outer Tube. Finally, connect Front Clip into post holes and release Assembly.

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