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Western Pacific Storage Solutions RiveTier Multilevel Systems

Multi-level Systems can double and even triple your usable storage space without adding overhead.


Also features unobstructed access from all four sides and OSHA and IBC/BOCA approved designs.

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  • Maximize your cubic space by making existing storage space more productive
  • Modular design means work platforms (mezzanines) can be easily expanded to meet your changing storage needs
  • Custom engineered to meet your storage requirements—including seismic applications
  • Available for Long Span, Low Profile, and Z Beam systems

RiveTier Multilevel Systems

RiveTier: In 1968, RiveTier 1 was introduced as a replacement for frame systems. Made out of metal and lumber, with slotted angles and heavy-duty upright parts engineered left to right, this system was ready to take on the world.

  • Always blazing the trail. Still followed by many.
  • Common T-posts serve as an economical solution when a starter or adder system is needed
  • No sway or cross bracing means you’ve got access from all four sides
  • Completely freestanding – no additional support
  • Primary components manufactured from 14 gauge steel
  • Four beam styles handle all capacity requirements

RiveTier 2 multilevel systems

Easy to get started

  • Everything you need, shipped in a compact bundle for easy assembly
  • RiveTier’s boltless connections make it quick and easy to assemble, take down, and reassemble – using only a rubber mallet
  • In just minutes, RiveTier Boltless Shelving is ready to work
T-Post for RiveTier III Reduces Installation Time

RiveTier III’s new T-post is quicker to install because there is no need to assemble two independent LURH posts with tie plates. So, stop losing time and money and switch over to RIV III’s intermediate post – interchangeable with other manufacturers’ product, but Western Pacific eliminates the delivery headaches.

Calculating Vertical Clear Open

The profile of the shelf beam will affect the clear opening between shelf levels.


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