Move Pallet Rack

Our installers can help move pallet rack systems, and almost any other type of storage system to another facility or warehouse location throughout California. We provide services to “relocate” storage systems including teardown, packaging & shipping, and re-installing the system at your new warehouse location.

One of the most common needs in our industry is to move pallet rack. Our experienced team of installers and drivers work safe & efficient to get the job completed as fast as possible helping the customer experience as little down-time as possible.

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    Moving Pallet Rack Systems

    Moving Pallet Rack Systems.
    Moving pallet rack systems requires us to compare your existing system to your current needs. In many cases we will move your existing pallet rack system into your new facility without any changes. When we evaluate your new storage space and material handling needs, we may find that your old warehouse pallet racks are not going to take full advantage of the new space without making some adjustments.

    During this time we may provide you with AutoCAD drawings illustrating the most efficient use of the new space for your specific storage requirements. Building clear height, exit and dock door locations, and column placement are some factors that are considered when determining your new layout.

    Operation needs, type of storage product, and turn-over time are important in the design phase to maximize production and efficiency. We work closely with our structural engineers to obtain all necessary drawings and component calcs in order to submit to the city and obtain building permits.

    Used Material Handling Products

    Storage racks can be moved to a new warehouse location.
    Take advantage of our discounted used material handling equipment by checking our used inventory to see if they match with your application.